Alliance Wars, Is this fair?

New matchup. Our current team score is 77.4k, we’re 29/30 with 2 players under level 12 (27/30). We have 17 members with a 3k team or higher. Alliance name: Just Desserts (since I can only post 1 photo)

Our opponent has 107k team score and is a full 30/30 with 27 members 3k or higher. All active within the last 6 hours.

How is this fair? We’re 17-0 in Wars and I hate to think that our first loss will come at the hands of a broken matchmaking system.

You can add our dismay to the new match up. Previously we would never have been matched with an alliance with over 90k to our 76k. This war they will wipe us out without any fun for us. The old system may not have been perfect but we we always had fun, close battles.

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New matchup looks bad… We did so good when we looked outmatched in the last battle that the group we are facing next might loose to us by 1000. Granted they may have deeper benches but it really looks like our third string attackers are about equal to their first line defenses.

Yes it is broken, but they are working on it. Racking their brains trying to find a way to really make it fair. I personally like the idea of wars having it’s own point system like titans and cups, and all three being incorporated into the alliance scoring. That way it isn’t just 30 heroes average score for 30 people going against 30 heroes average score against 30 people, taking into account the number of members, but skill and communication also taken into account.

We try to keep a well balanced alliance of strong teams and newer members. We can fight most wars using our strongest teams but it doesnt make it much fun for new people just building their teams. We dont intend on restructuring our alliance with only strong teams just to win a war, so let’s get this match up problem fixed soon.

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We’ve won fights that we initially thought we’d lose, but it’s hard to be positive in a scenario like this…

According to the matchmaking of our benches, should we truly give them a good fight? Is it really going to be left up to strategy and participation?

I do hope I can report back here that this fight ended up being closer than our last.


2nd war for us and this team is deploying somewhat stronger that 2k teams when they can field 3k teams.

It’s not a good matchmaking system at all. Sad excuse of an update and not really thought out

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Même chose pour nous… groupe beaucoup plus fort que nous… ils calcule comment?

Just realised my post got flagged because I mentioned that the moderator of this channel should act with more professionalism and not retort to making a silly off the cuff comment. Sadly my friend it appears a lot agree with me. Also, I’d like to add that prior to this “fix” we won 8 out of 10 wars. Since then we have been paired against a team with 15 above 2900 power (our 15th member has 2300) and a team with 13 above 3000 power. Naturally we lost even though every single person tried and we managed every single attack, they just watched us and swatted us down like flies.
My issue is, yes I could beat Usain Bolt in a 100m race but only if he’s got a pulled hamstring - the same can be said for the new war system. Yes you can win, but you gotta hope and pray that the opponent is severely handicapped by login errors, or simply just forgetting to take the hits. So, please take a look at this. Thanks :slight_smile:

Second war and in two alliances the same story bad pairing defeated teams that end in 0 game errors that lose complete teams of heroes and add 0 points impossible to win wars

I said I’d report back so here I am.

To give some more context, our first War with the new matching system was a loss. We had lost by a little over 1k and that seemed like a lot. I was salty.
This second match looked worse from the beginning.

But we didn’t give up. We adjusted our strategy, motivated eachother, and went in headfirst.
Our outcome was decided in the last half. Both Alliances had less than 10 hits unused.

Does this mean our strategy and a little more luck helped us win? I think so. Remembering what happened in the first War, it very well could have been lost just because of those 2 factors, and not necessarily a mismatch of alliances. Either way, I’m hoping our future wars are decided within 500 points of eachother.
And to help clear the air on how mismatched I thought we were in the beginning, here are our rankings at the end of the War. Not as far apart as we seemed, and timing of Titans kills plays a huge role in what seemed like a ranking disparity.


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Full ACK!!!

We were facing this all the time while titan score was used for matching. The opponents are far stronger and we will lose by the usual 2000 points (at least)

The new matching gave us two opponents that were equally strong and the war was only decided in the last minutes by 200 points, That was fun. Now we know that we will lose before we even started.

If you are not able to find a good matching then pause war again.
Else you will either upset one half of the players or the other.

Warm regards and please fix this!

I was upset at our unfair match up last war but we ended up losing by only 1000 points. I was expecting a massacre. This war looks much more fair. I’m willing to give it a month to see how it balances out. We dont expect to win them all, just want fun and challenging battles.

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Stop spamming you muppet

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Do you mean me? Am I a muppet? Im new to the forum so im responding to all the threads, is that the wrong way to respond?

I’m not a native speaker, so maybe I don’t get this right, but this hardy sounds like you earned that ‘empathetic’ badge.
No offense, just confused.

Im just telling you our experience since the match up changed. The developers need to hear from everyone in order to fix any problems. I’m very empathetic and understand the frustration of players facing unfair battles. This war I was holding my breath and crossing my fingers not knowing what to expect after our last bad match up. I don’t take offense at being called a muppet. Muppets are cute!

I should have clarified that I was replying to @ratabboypda who has posted the same spammy message like 7 times now in different threads.

@princess1, no hard feelings
@Katja66, very empathic, just not very patient

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sorry but we raise doubts that are spoken throughout the chat due to lack of moderators or people who report the general malaise we do not know nor are we sure that our voices are heard

Now that’s no reason to try to offend something that you can not