Alliance Wars, Is this fair?

We’ve just found out that our opponents in the upcoming war have an Alliance rating of 65,000.
They also have 13 players with a team power of 2900 or more.

Our alliance rating is 54,000 and our 13th strongest player has 2300 power.

Surely this is a bug?
I thought the new matchmaking was to quote

“Matchmaking is now based on:
Power of the strongest heroes in hero roster of each player
Player count of the alliance”

For me, the only thing that’s right about this is that we have 30 players and so do they. Nothing else is “Matched”.
So tomorrow we fight and will lose and the other team get an easy win.

Fair, right?

From Barmybram, Co-Leader of Lazors Daggers


What an absolute shambles. Ill thought out and poorly executed. I enjoy the game and the chat but the lack of forethought and professionalism from the developes is beginning to grate now. Our Alliance is also massively massively mismatched which will ruin it for the opposition as well as its not competitive.

Sort it out!



Glad someone agrees with me. I can accept some other aspects of the game still require some tweaking (especially ascension item drop rates :roll_eyes:) but considering the war aspect is a vital part of the game and it allows Alliances to communicate and strategise during wars, I feel there’s almost no point to it. Relying now on human error on the part of our opponents, rather than any essence of teamwork. Anyone got a white flag I can use? :tired_face:

Gosh, there has been a change, yet not a single war has been fought yet with it.

I refuse to fly the white flag without at least giving it a go. :wink:


You think that’s unfair?? we got teamed up with an alliance of 95k and we only have 62k and 27/30 of their players are active. You got it easier


ROOK…some of us aren’t blind sheep and can see right what’s in front of us. It’s a shambles from start to finish on wars and this time the developers have taken it to another level of stupidity. You can make all the sarcastic comments you like but customers have spent good money and alot of time on this game and don’t expect an amateur service. Maybe you haven’t had the same level of mismatch but ours is pointless from the start


The problem with the match up is if you have to face a team as we do with Team Powers of 4.2k when our top player is 3.6k that when we get to our B to F teams they are going to have little to no impact at all as the opponent keeps the same first team defence ie the 4.2k every single fight. A true match up would be to match A to A team B to B team and so on…personally that’s far too complicated but it would be fairer. We should go back to titan score matching


Back when alliance score was still the mechanic and we only had two publicly completed wars - I said the best matchmaking would result from eliminating the revival process.

Currently the top 30 heroes from each player are used to compare alliances for matching, why not just take the last step and have everyone set up 6 defense teams? Get rid of the stupid revival factor and if at this point an alliance only had 2* heroes for their fifth and sixth defense teams they deserve the loss.

As long as matches involving 3* heroes and less against (consistent) team powers of 3500+ are possible it won’t be a fair set up.

That said, I am looking forward to how my alliances current matchup results. This seems like we don’t stand a chance but if the last 2 flags from their teams all earn small amounts of points I can’t outright declare it impossible.


We withdrew all our def teams, 10k difference between us and our opponents. Shambolic.

Ryuk, I posted this here coming from the point of view of our alliance so I guessed others would have a similar problem. No way am I saying ours is worse as I know for a fact two other alliances who have a similar issue and theirs is much worse. Not a moan as such, just trying to catch the attention of anyone’s who can try to rectify this “bug” because surely this isn’t how it should be! Thanks for your reply though, seems to be a common issue

It seems definitely gonna be interesting to see what happens Nitrous, however I’m expecting severe casualties lol

Can you tell me how to do that, please @Mjollnir?

It had to be done during prep phase, go to your battlefield >edit team >click x to remove each hero until none are left standing > save changes and leave it be.

That one I know. I was hoping there was a way to withdraw my team from the war without having to eat one of the heroes in it.

Thank you for the reply tho …

… You don’t have to eat the heroes - if you’re taking about feeding them to another hero that is. Everyone can remove their heroes from their teams before battle starts if you don’t want to participate.

If you wish to quit partway through, best thing to do (to save your heroes) is leave and rejoin the alliance. That should work just fine me thinks.

Leaving alliance and joining back again during prepation fase will make sure you cannot take part in this war.
But then all members (including leader) would need to do this.
Just take them out of your team and save team empty is more easy :wink:

So interesting is a very good choice of words. So far the other alliance has doubled our score already.

However of the 21 people who have attacked only 6 of those are members from my alliance. So we seem to be doing better against them as of yet lol…

Craziest thing is my team actually got wiped in one flag this time! That’s awesome, because I run a training alliance so I’m used to my team never being touched lol. It’s still early but I think so far the fairness factor is just about dead on.

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Matchmaking is not working. Same problem as most mentioned. Also, if you can look at my recent alliance war the opponent took out four of our teams and suddenly had over 2k points. The attack log shows them taking out more teams but I thought the teams were revived over hours. We have only lost four.

Serious bugs to fix.

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If all of your teams die, your whole alliance gets revived instantly (sort of a full clear bonus)

“All Alliances are automatically matched against a suitable opposing Alliance. The goal is to match Alliances of similar performance.” This is what was posted in response to the new Wars update. Now tell me how is this is FAIR??!! we have a score of 62k and theirs is 95k on top of that only 4 of their players are below 2800 atk power, we have more then half of ours below 2500 and below 2k or less. Now what i would please like to know is what anyone is planning on doing about this issue? because clearly your whole new “Wars Update” Is not working as you had planned. Screenshot_20180515-214942


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