Alliance wars is raid based?

From some Beta Testers I see that alliance war is raid based mechanism… :frowning: so much for that idea. Ppl complain about raids all the time why would you put your next great idea out of something people dislike???

I think it might be safe to say that judging a game element while it’s still barely in testing might be a tad premature. :wink:


LOL, I mean the VERY first one JUST happened in Beta…are their raid aspects yes, but it’s not as simple as a raid.

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Not great news (although I will agree it’s too early for judgement).

If Raid mechanism forms anywhere near a majority of the Alliance Wars mechanic then I can’t say there’ll be a whole lot keeping me playing…

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I am slowly but steadily getting to a point where I can hold my own in raids, but it is not my favorite activity in the game.

Finally maxed Rigard, against the likes of Azlar, so I can attack those opponents as well, so I am making some progress in that respect. (yeah, kind of late, but my first priority were heroes for the titan :slight_smile: )

I’ll just wait and see.

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