Alliance wars is freezing

I’m having problems during wars and i’m Loosing my attacks without fighting. The game is freezing.

My alliance need my attacks because i’m The strongest.

I had the similar problem. What happening with the game? I won in war but game was freeze and after few time ago i had a lost!!!

Mine did the same!! The last one showing me at 0 points I won, it froze then took the energy away but didn’t credit me with the win. :rage:Screenshot_20180812-013446

@Andrepc @st.splash @Nanoils

What OS?
Old or new phone?
What version of the game?
Tried clearing the cash?
Tried doing a reboot of phone?
Got a stable internet connection?

OS is 11.4 (15F79)
I’ve the iPhone X
What version of the game? - 1.13.5 build 413
Tried clearing the cash? - yes
Tried doing a reboot of phone? - no
Got a stable internet connection? - Yes, i got.

I have an iPhone 8. Version #cx6t7 . Fought on alliance wars with best team. Won fight. Lost attack point, lost use of my A team and got no credit or points because the game froze. What the heck guys!!!

iOS, iPad with 128gb. I thought that could be my internet at home but changed to my phone connection and the same happened. I lost 2 battles with 0 points. First did not started. Second freeze computing the points.
Version 1.13.5 413

I have the same problem too :frowning: I have good internet connection

My first thought after rebooting the game, turning device off/on, and clearing cache, is to contact Game support: