Alliance Wars Imbalance

I really like the idea of Alliance Wars; I hate the format.
Last time I brought this subject up was before the update, and I was the only active member of my 2 member Alliance. There are 12 or 13 in the alliance now, but starting the alliance with the idea of it being a good training ground for others, and whatever matchmaking algorithm E&P developers are using, is still not working. I was getting better results (through no fault of those in my alliance) solo.
I don’t want to compare my alliance wars experience to CoC, but it’s really the only thing I have to compare it to. I lost interest in CoC a couple years ago when its developers started screwing it up, and this is the first game that’s really caught and held my interest since.
My main gripe is with the “revenge attack”. Man, what a hamstring that is! Since the update, I could go head to head with just about any matchup that’s been available in war; but with the revenge attack I’m getting smoked in attacks by teams with 1/2 my power.
Get rid of the stupid revenge attack and let the boards (and the ability of the player to interpret the boards) decide the outcome…OR, give us an option to completely opt out of alliance wars so that we don’t have to automatically forfeit for non-participation.


I wish I could opt my alliance out of these wars because they are broken and imbalance. People running OP Heroes and using cheese teams compositions just ruins the entire experience for everyone. You need some massive PVP rebalance especially for Alliance Wars. It is literally my least favorite thing in the game right now. You either get a bad Alliance that you crush or you go up against some hardcore Alliance that crushes you the matchmaking is terrible.

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This is the best match ups yet since the war started…you cannot satisfy everyone but the war matchups has improved a great deal. The matchup using titan scores in my opinion is the best so far

This war is matched using 30 best heroes. Titan score was last time…

this was posted 3 days ago:

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My apologies then :slight_smile:

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no need for apologies :slight_smile:
just want to make sure everyone knows what the current matching method is…

I’m not a gamer so that whole status update was a foreign language to me :smile: my alliancd is willing to be patient if a solution is upcoming but i need to go back to them with something they can pin their hopes on. Are we talking about 3 wars? 10 wars? Another month of crazy matchups?

Well the status update states that after 1-2 wars they will test matching with the top 5 heroes. After that they will test using a different formula with the power, and after that they will combine the top 5 and top 30 matchings.

Seeing that in the last couple of weeks a “test” has been 1 or 2 wars, I’d say we can expect to get to the end point of that status update in under 10 wars.

Or tell them to visit the forum an read the discussions themselves.

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I get frustrated that we’re always being told to ignore the alliance scores when, for our alliance st least, that score being 20k point spread has proven itself unfair in the past 4 wars. When it was against us we lost greatly and when it was in our favour we trashed them. It just makes it hard to pretend it hasn’t affected us.

Yes, but alliance score was the first basis for AW - it turned out to be suboptimal for a part of the alliances, also due to the possibility of gaming it by cup dropping, which influences the alliance score… so while that is something we can see, it is still not the basis for current wars. Which is why you are being told to ignore it…

The matching is turning out to be much more difficult than was originally thought, I think mainly due to the fact that most alliances are not homogenous in player levels. I am sure they will work out a good matching system in time… In the meantime, I see the wars as a practice field, where I can test strategy against an opponent and can also help alliance members with their strategy and defense.

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We have gotten horrible match-ups last 2 out of 3 wars. Not even close… All 19 of us play and use all 6 hits but we get matched up against unfair and not even worth playing alliances. Ther power and lines are way bigger then ours. These wars are making us not want to even play and just pull line out. Definitely not worth spending any more money for this game

the alliance I am in have had all matchups massively lopsided. the closest war result sofar was a loss of over 1500 points , 2 of the opposite alliance were sub 3k defence teams while our alliance managed 4 between 3k & 3.5kYou could argue that this was maybe all the other alliance had but when it takes 3 or4 attacks to dent & a 5th to finish of a top team not all in the alliance can take on the lesser teams faced.As it turns out its not the case & the teams we have faced so far are also strong in depth.oddly one of our players remarked that his attack options when viewing scores available often were max 41/41 total 82 points available but generally lower… Ok seems legit you may say until you see the other alliance scoring 90+ on single attacks .Most definately poor matching up regarding our alliance so far.TBH i think there should be an opt out if this match quality is to be expected.

Have to say i agree that this new matching criteria is awful - lost every war since relaunched by between 1700 and 2800 points - if they are matching by top 30 heroes across the field then why are we loosing so badly and on comparison there are only 4 in my alliance over 3k power but each opponent since has had 10 plus ??? This new matching algorythm is NOT working. REALLY REALLY DISAPPOINTED and totally disillusioned with the game now.

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