Alliance Wars - How will it work?

Hi all.
No one in my alliance is/was on beta to see how Alliance Wars will be… dynamics, requirements, fights, raids…
So please it would be really nice if anyone could relate what they found on beta, what were their opinions.
So if we need to start working on something to aplly for it, or to be able to play it through, please let everyone knows.


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Nobody in beta definitively knows what the final product will be. That said - what has been commented on here has been that the mechanics are raid based (i.e. a player vs. AI with one nasty new surprise for the attacker) and that you may need up to 30 heroes to attack.


It was set your defense, then attack others. The attacks were like raids, except the defender is buffed (some arrows hit the attacker periodically). Scoring was with points depending on how many heroes you kill.

Each player had 6 attacks in one alliance-vs-alliance war and couldn’t use the same hero in multiple attacks. So you needed to use 30 heroes for the attacks (5*, or 4*, or 3*, or whatever you have).

Testing stopped over a week ago, it’s possible they’re doing some changes and we’ll test later.


Thank you very much! Now at least we have to check before feeding 3 and 4* heroes to others…

And was there any relation between alliance score? For example, an alliance with 120.000 points can attack one with 80.000?

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Alliance matching remains completely unknown


To build on the matching - there were just ‘test’ alliances that anyone could join to participate. So it really is unknown to all but the devs.

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I appreciated that clear instructions were given in-Game. If people actually read these and not skip over them, they WILL understand the basics of AW.

KEEP ALL YOUR 3/4/5* HEROES! At this time, it seems that you can only use each hero once, and up to 30 heroes may be used in War. This information might change before the actual AW is released.


Once it gets closer to release I was planning on writing a summary of how it works and posting in the player guide section.


Please do Dante. I’d love to see your more complete version. :smile:

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Great info thank you :rose::v::sunglasses:

Hi dante my name is jb and our alliance actually starts our war tomorrow. I have been looking for anything that you may have posted re: this post im replying to. Idk the forum navigational tools as well as id like. If there is something you could at least just say hey jb sesrch this or sesrch that, id greatly appreciate it. Im trying to basically calm about 2/3 if my alliance down rn. Lol. They r nervous which i totally understand so anything u have that could help me them will be awesome ty! - jb

Scroll up, Dante has a very detailed post and video in this thread, direct your alliance here

Oh excellent! !! Very very much thankful. I wish u luck throughout your battles. Actually, if u have already fought a war, what are your thoughts about it. Is it supposed to conjur up this much anxiety??? I just had to take 2 xanax

Sry didnt even see ur name ty talisax

Anxiety for new things is normal. Anxiety when 1st revenge arrows hit you is normal.
After that you’ll adjust and be good

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Talisax ive scrolled up and down yet i cant find any videos nor a detailed description re AW… Sry to be a pain in the neck. Is there a specific link perhaps i can search

Haha ive heard those arows wil pretty much one shot an unleveled 3*

My apologies, wrong thread

No, the arrows take 25% of max health away from each hero, so a fully levelled 5* or unlevelled 1* can each take 4 hits from arrows, if they have been untouched by enemoes

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Allright Allright Allright. Now we r cooking with gas. Tyvm friend. Time to read and watch and listen and learn. Good on u talisax. And from what ive heard, from just about everyone great job dante appreciate ur effort and time. Gl the rest of the way

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