Alliance-Wars: How do i get my points

Hello guys,

I want to let the discussion how good (or bad) the wars are aside in this one.
Our (my alliance and me) major problem atm is, that I have not enough data to work with. It is a total riddle what gives you how many points. All we know is stronger hero=more points, kill the team=bonus points. It is nearly impossible for us to plan without better data.
We would like the developers to at least make a sort of schedule public where you can see the exact points you got for which action (there has to be one because without it is not possible to program it).



From what I’ve seen in Beta, I think the chances for the devs to provide that info is low. I think the cause is one of these:

  • they imagine it’s fun for us to figure out how the game (including the scoring) works, or
  • they’re too embarrassed about the flawed scoring system and are trying to fix it before we figure out how it works.

I don’t want them to tell us the scoring system. I want to figure it out ourselves so that our alliance can game it for the most points we can get. We’re halfway through our first war and some aspects are already becoming clear.

Here’s a freebie: the bonus for finishing off a team seems to be pretty small.

I’m sure they’ll tweak the scoring over time, like they tweak everything else. Adapting is part of the fun.

There’s another thread where someone from SG said the current wars have a bug where the kill bonus is not applied. But they’ll add in again in the future.

Edit: here it is:


Thanks for sharing - I hadn’t read that.

We are nearly at the end of our 2nd war now.
The points between war 1 and war 2 did change so much we are certain about. If that will happen more often its not possible to figure it out and the try-and-error at the moment is already drove some of us away from the war.

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I think the framework for wars and the idea behind it is quite promising, but the implementation has been shaky thus far. While the devs did some refining in Beta, they couldn’t tell how it would work with lower level players, and couldn’t see all the bugs that came up in these first two wars. If they make changes based on their own data and community feedback, I think wars can be very popular and successful in a month or so. If not, they’ll have a lot of angry and disappointed players like those griping in other forum discussions.

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What I discovered in our second War:

  • killing the last hero standing gave me 3 points

  • killing a whole team of five gave me 30 points

This tells me there was no bonus for “finishing off” a team. It does not tell me whether I get more points for killing certain heroes, whether healers are worth more than debuffers, for instance. I just don’t have enough data yet.

I killed the strongest Opponent that gave me 44 Points

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