Alliance Wars Heroes defense setup

I just want to gather information regarding your best WAR lineup.

Currently i have (in order from left to right)
G. Panther 4/60 / Zimkitha 4/60 / Richard 4/60 / Boldtusk 4/45 / Drak Fong 3/70

I only got Evelyn for 5* Nature and i got complete mats to Fully ascend her.

My problem is that i won’t have a healer on my line-up if i include Evelyn on my war defense (and Mother North) is hard to get.

In your Alliance, does a non-healer defensive lineup exists? Can they hold their ground well against enemies (like before they take you down, enemies use multiple war energy flags)? Share your thoughts!

I seen it and battle them, For the most part its a close battle. It can go ether way… Mostly I have won.

Before my non 5* days, Enemies that tried to attack me use multiple energies (around 2-5) to take me down. That is what i want to get into to this time as well.

If a non-healer line-up will not do the same thing like my old 4* line-up, i will just have to wait for a Nature 5* healer. What frustrate me is it will take some time to get that =( (Alby)

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