Alliance wars help missing button

I can not participate in the war. war is coming. can’t even get to the battlefield to see


Hello everyone
two new members of my alliance have the same problem as mau3ep.
one is present for 10 days, and he is levels 16 with 405 of trophees.l’autre is present since 2 days, levels 20 with 884 of have the last version of the game.un under android, the other iphone.

@rook, @coppersky, @kerridoc, @JonahTheBard did you have a solution for this problem?
if your answer is negative, I will tell members to send a support ticket.
thank you in advance.

Also a problem, in support they wrote that they are correcting, but when exactly nobody knows already 5-6 war missed

In our Alliance one new member has the same problem. Is there a solution?

Have him send in a support ticket, please.

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In case you need the link:

Please have them scroll to the bottom, and click “Submit a Request.”

I already explained to them how to do it.
Thanks for your help

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Within the Alliance War tab I am also missing the opt in or the create a defence team

I have exactly the same problem I have sent a ticket and they have said they have acknowledged there is a problem and are working to fix it.

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