Alliance Wars - Guild of CMOT Dibblers vs indo jawara

Why yes, I am a Disworld fan. :wink:

My first observation was on the lines of “Oh censored! I’m doomed! DOOMED I SAY!!!” This match looked pretty bleak, especially since everyone was only just figuring out the change from matching by Alliance score to Titan score.

When I had more time to start digging though, the situation wasn’t quite so dire. There were only about 14 members of indo jawara who were high enough level for alliance wars, and only two or three who seemed to be a real fight on their own. Having been lucky enough to be early on the game update queue made looking in more detail hard due to the different versions block on defense viewing, so it was hard to tell more.

The way I analyzed it, I was going to get pulled down by numbers. However the revenge arrows meant I didn’t necessarily need heavy strikers in my defense. I decided to go for an all healers style defense, then was struck by a whim, and ascended Boril to his final stage instead, just to see what would happen. I figured on losing anyway, so an experiment seemed more fun than just rolling over and playing dead.
After some consideration, I eventually decided on Alberich 4/57, Boril 4/2, Guinevere 3/70, Boldtusk 4/70 and Rigard 4/70 as my defense team. And so I set it up.

It was then that the RNG decided to throw me a joker. I got a blue 1* trainer out of my monster chest. Naturally Boril ate it. Half an hour later I got another blue joker out of my raid chest. Then we got the Recruits II quest. I took the hint. Every recruit I got that day running through 8-7 I pushed into TC19. By the time I had dequeued two TC20 trainings for more recruits and was scraping the last crumbs out of my food storages, I had gotten Alberich to 4/60 and Boril to 4/22.
When my world energy rebuilt a bit, I farmed a few more recruits, set them up with backpacks for training, and slept on it. I got a whole lot more in the way of blue heroes. By the start of the war, my defense team was this:

Of course indo jawara came to the party too, with 13 members come to collect my head. 78 flags to 6 is better than the 162 to 6 I initially thought I’d be facing, but it still isn’t a comfortable place to be.

I sat back a bit and waited to see what they would do. After a few hours they decided to bite, so I hit back and took out their alliance leader and their strongest hitter on the board.

As an interesting side note, if you happen to be watching the battlefield when being attacked, you get to see the enemy team crossing the bridge to attack your side. You don’t get to see the battle though.

Of course indo jawara didn’t take that lying down. They managed to take down Guinivere.

Interesting that the ascension chevrons are covered by the death image.

They didn’t stand back and rest, they kept on coming and took out Boril. By that point their leader’s team had recovered, so I used my third flag and took him down again. I’d figured out that I didn’t stand any chance at all unless I maximised my points, and that meant killing their best teams repeatedly as long as I had the bench to keep it up, and getting the bonus for each.

About the half way point, this is how it looked.

I proceded to take out their heaviest defender again, then, both because I was running lower on heroes and because the next morning would be a working Monday I took out their next level down. One of them I nailed with a cascade that would have given me the win with an unleveled group of 1* heroes. I wish I got titan boards like that.

With my attacks all gone, I sat back and waited to see how long it took for them to beat me.

They didn’t. In the end they only hit me with 46 strikes out of 78 possible, which is why I won, down Boril and Guinevere. Alberich doesn’t seem to have resurrected either, though I don’t know if it was bad luck, them doing their best not to feed him mana, or if there’s been a block put on his resses for allies killed in another round like some people have suggested should happen.

Yes, yes, I’m male. I just like the avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:

And for all that effort…

1* titans are a more efficient use of time I fear.

Overall, my conclusion is that I won because they fought as individuals instead of a coordinated team, and because too many of them gave up and just didn’t attack. Once Guinevere and Boril was gone there was a nice big gap for ghosting tiles, and enough time to make some dents in my defenders before the arrow rain.

One potential trick they could use that I thought of after my flags were all gone was to get points by attacking, then retreating from the battle before the defenders can use specials to heal. I don’t know if it would work since I wasn’t in a position to test it then, but if so then a meatgrinder of lower level players could definitely wear down a higher level team over time if they coordinate.

Edit: Typos. :frowning:


Bravo! Dramatic and captivating. 4.5 out of 5 *

And yes, one of my high level strategies is fleeing before Alby or another healer goes off in a fight I was doomed to lose anyways. It saves you the points.

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Awesome write-up, thanks for taking the time!

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So glad you did this. How demoralizing for the other team…


That is an evil defense team, Paulon. Just evil. :star_struck:

And it’s not even maxed yet.

Very Nice! And I had no idea you could flee to preserve points, have to keep that in mind for the future.

I’m glad everyone enjoyed the account of events.

Some more of my thoughts on how things went, in no particular order:

  1. I could have used a 4/70 Kiril instead of Boril. Given how things went this time, now I’m curious about how that would have gone.
  2. Guin is a real tank. I had thought it a dead cert that I would level Delilah before her, materials permitting, but now I’m not so sure, even though raiding and alliance wars aren’t really my passion in the game. Joon still comes first though. :slight_smile:
  3. Matching still needs some work - while using Titan score helps eliminate dead alliances, team number matching still needs to be taken into consideration too. There probably isn’t a simple ‘compare this value and everything will be great’ solution to this issue.
  4. To be honest, even though this team was the only chance I saw to survive, it still feels like a cheesy tactic to pull myself in and play turtle. It’s entirely within the rules and a legitimate tactic, but it just doesn’t feel like fair play to me either. If everyone starts doing it as a standard tactic, I’m afraid it’s going to make alliance wars less fun, except for those with the mana controllers or Perseus to block healing specials.

Guinevere is clearly the best tank in the game today. My only gripe with her is her Heal Over Time doesn’t stack with Alberich or Ares, so I’m working on Delilah first. But mine is a first-world problem.

At the time Ares came along I was still FTP, so I don’t have him, but I’m considering myself lucky to have that problem with Alberich and Guinevere.

As a side note, I have a similar match again, another 27 to 1 war with only about half appearing to qualify to fight in levels, so I swapped in Kiril instead of Boril to see what happens. It’s going to be largely during working hours this war, so I won’t be able to watch what happens as closely but I’ll try to keep track of how things go.


Re-reading this great story, I noticed the above statement. Yes, they’ve changed this since beta: if your defense is victorious, any hero that ended up with more health than it began that battle with is reset down to the starting level. Thus, rezzes and heals don’t carry across from one battle to the next.

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I found you an avatar for the boards…

Please let us know how the new war goes. I’m curious to see if they can break through an all healer defense.

I wonder if the new alliance read about your previous war and will be encouraged to work together and coordinate team planning and attack. Or just walk single file to defeat.

And the say the matchmaking is broken. you just need some strategies to win. enjoying the stories by the way, can I join your alliance, pretty please, it seem fun ,lol jk :wink:

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By the way - this is probably the single best recruitment post, even though you aren’t recruiting, I have seen. Just change your alliance name to ‘this is Sparta’ or something and claim you take on armies 10x your size and win!

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I’ve actually won a match where I finished Albi (the only hero left when I started) after he had resurrected 2 other heroes who ended up finishing me off but due to this rule I got the full points for it. I remember reading that rule when I first started playing AW but it still struck me as odd.

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