Alliance Wars: Guild of CMOT Dibblers vs. Bad Panda

The Titan Scores are a bit off in my favor here, because I ran down a 2* titan solo in it’s last half hour just before remembering to check the Alliance Wars tab. A few weeks ago I would have said I couldn’t tackle a 2* under anything but optimum circumstances, but I’m getting better slowly.

My thoughts on the other alliance are that Bad Panda seems to be mostly a group of comparative newcomers with a few somewhat more experienced players to help coach them along. Only nine of their twenty-seven were high enough level for alliance wars, and of those only six decided to play. Defensive team power ranged from 1932 to 3025.

So, aside from the intimidation factor, my healer team defense, with a team power of 3627, didn’t get a real workout.

Being a working day, I had the opportunity to make quick checks on the progress, but not to actually sit down and Make War until I finished for the day. Fortunately for me, Bad Panda didn’t seem to be too keen either. There were some early hits, then they seemed to give up.

So, after withstanding 8 attacks in 16 hours, I hit back. With 6 opponents and 6 war points, I went through them in descending order of power and swept the board clean, causing a team reset for them.

One of their members came along later and took another crack at me, but only managed another 14 points. All in all, of the 36 potential attacks, they hit me with a total of 9 only.

So again I won the loot. This time I would say it was actually worth the effort I put into it, speaking as a solo player with an overwhelming advantage over my opponents. I’d probably be less thrilled with the if I’d been involved in a large-scale coordination of multiple players to win a fair match.

What I found interesting is that it was the apparent heaviest hitters on the Bad Panda team who hit me, bounced, and just gave up. The two weakest defenders were the persistant ones who did the most damage. It wasn’t enough, not when they were player levels 18 and 14 respectively with defense teams under 2000 value, but they showed more healthy determination and had more effect than their more powerful fellows. Well done to both P-I-R-A-T-E and StirCrazyGuard2034. Players to watch out for as they improve perhaps.

Overall, this continues to show the issues with using just Titan Score as the determining figure in a match. Two thirds of Bad Panda couldn’t participate in this war due to insufficient level, but they were still contributing to building the score that was matched to pick their opponent. The results aren’t satisfying for anyone.

People who understand scoring, statistics and their analysis a lot better than me have been debating the point to death here on the forums, so all I can say is that the selection method needs to consider the following things, all down to the individual player level, not just the alliance level.

  1. Whether any given player will be involved at all. Counting the scoring of players who are too low a level to participate when selecting a foe is crippling for the rest of their alliance. Likewise there should be the ability to opt out of alliance wars before matching occurs for those who dislike it but don’t want to hurt their team.
  2. The number of players participating in each alliance. A good team using all their members should be able to take down a single foe if they work together.
    indo jawara could have beaten me even with 13 if they had coordinated their attacks. However I don’t think Bad Panda had the ability without the additional members who were too low level to play. The only real close match I had was when I was matched against an alliance of two members. I didn’t know who would win that until the match was over.

The last two wars I haven’t really won due to my “l337” skills or my defense team. I won due to the sheer intimidation factor of facing off a high level player against a group of lower levels making them give up instead of trying to make it a real fight.

It’s as if they look at me, and see King Kong up the top of the Empire State Building, without even the incentive of a Fay Wray lookalike to rescue.

What they don’t look closely enough to realize is that the ingame situation is more like an admitedly tough guy dressed up in a Donkey Kong costume with padded polystyrene muscles, who only has six barrels to throw. Those barrels will be devastating if they get hit with them, but there are only the six compared to all their numbers.


I enjoyed your post. Please note, you skated right up the line with “naming” but didn’t go over the side to “shaming”. Nice shout out to your toughest opponents.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep it in mind when I have another war that’s interesting to write about.
The matching system isn’t doing well at giving me close to even fights, and I have no real interest in writing an ongoing saga of one player against people who don’t yet have the heroes to fight back effectively.
A complete curbstomping the other way, with me getting utterly squished, would be fun to write about though, where I could try to piece together how they hit me from the shattered remains of my team and the points they earned. It’s bound to happen sooner or later, hopefully on a weekend war when I’m in a position to keep closer track of progress.

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I’d love to read it…with lots of tongue in cheek and references to other famous battles…and mention of Monty Python Holy Grail bits… :wink:

It’s a good thing the next blue and green heroes in my planned leveling queue are certainly Master Lepus and probably Jack O’Hare then, for the rabbit references. :wink: