Alliance wars: Give bonus points for clearing the complete field

Hey guys,

for clearing all enemy teams in alliance wars your alliance earns 1500 points (always the same, not dependent on teams and number of opposing teams, except a small variation due to rounding errors)

If you kill all teams of the enemy alliance then all teams respawn immediately.

Why don’t you give some extra bonus points for that? I think 100 points would be appropriate.

Example: Clearing a field 3 times during a war is common.

Team A clearing the field 3 times…but only 2 respawns

Team B clearing the field 3 times…but with 3 respawns

Both teams would score around 4500 points…very close head to head, the winner having the edge who could score a bit more in the end

From my point of view Team B did the better team performance so I suggest giving some bonus points.

What do you think?

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