ALLIANCE WARS....... Frustrating, Boring & definately unrewarding


I disagree - titan score are a much better measuring stick than player level. Titan fights measure alliance performance against a common enemy (titans); it’s not perfect but it’s a good metric (and I reiterate that we had great matchups under the titan score mechanic).

Player level is even less related - it measures commitment to farming and could be associated with time in game, but doesn’t tell you anything specific about the players deck.

Team power in some capacity and alliance members is also a good item to match on.

PS - this all still originates with my agreement with Kerridoc other than replacing alliance score with titan score, lol.


Currently matching is done using (a) alliance size and (b) a measure of the top 30 heroes of each ally, weighting the top 5 more heavily. Neither alliance score nor Titan score matter. Devs have said that they are planning on moving to an ELO system (along the lines of how raid scoring works, but possibly with more nuance—how badly did you win lose?).


So just to clear up my position (to all who keep bringing up titan score) - I agree with this and my response was to start with titan score instead of alliance score as it takes cup dropping out of the equation. And I am fully aware of the matching mechanic…

This sentence in particular is what I am proposing to start with titan score:

Start off each alliance with Alliance_Score/100 War Trophies.

I like the idea and think it’s worth trying, as an FYI.


It’s been more than 4 months with wars. They told us that we need to have 30 heroes, many of us(players) do the job and already have 30 good heroes to play this feature. What devs do in this interval? Nothing…Definetly not doing their job… It’s really embarrassing, not a step in the right direction, no sign of improvements… They told us they run tests and trying different methods… Blah Blah Blah. Their main concern is to give us challenges, events, new heroes and other implementations that produce fast and easy money. The quality of the product? Who cares.