ALLIANCE WARS....... Frustrating, Boring & definately unrewarding

I waited like a puppy wagging it’s tail like crazy when I heard alliance wars was about to come out.
But the fizz died out quite quickly.
The volley of arrows regularly hammering you while your just trying to build up some manner, just to get started.

I had 5x one star hero’s attacking a single 5* and couldn’t even get a weak special in cause the arrows just keep coming in. And so the fight was not between my weak fighters and the strong one, but me against a barrage of undefendable arrows. My whole team was destroyed by the arrows not the stronger opponent,
all he did was just watch me die.

And what am I doing all of this for?
You guessed it… a crate full of garbage.

Now I have to let my alliance leader know that I don’t want to participate in the alliance wars cause it’s so ridiculous and unrewarding without feeling like I’m abandoning them.


Sounds like you might not be very good at alliance wars yet. Don’t worry: if you read the forum then work at strategy and tactics with your alliance you’ll find that your scores quickly improve, and you’ll be having fun like thousands of other players.

Or you could quit like a quitting quitter.


well it came to this due to the bright ideea of the developers to use your heroes only once. most likely they were thinking it will be another milking cow for money. People with few heroes they will hurry to buy new heroes, new gem new money. But this is not going to happen. Like my case a had a lot of heroes ,a lot of 4 and 5 star but i trained other heroes with them. Even if would knew that you will need a lot of heroes to play i still would not keep them. I had enough dealing with getting one team fully ascended there is no way i will go for other heroes except the few ones i still have left. As you said the barrage arrow is another stupid implementation as the hero limit ussage. That is why you start coming to the situation where you go with 1 or 2 star hero just to consume the energy. I my opinion the WAR should be free like the pvp and you just depend on the energy.


Nice it, i have very very intresting it, big love :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

I was afraid the wars could divide our alliance, thankfully it did not, all of us unanimously hate it


Same here, the chatter among the alliance is unanimous. Most of them think it’s just a complete waste of time for zero reward.


Well if you all dislike it then dont participate. To my knowledge there is no penalty for not participating even if they haven’t put in an opt out feature. Problem solved


Meanwhile in our alliance we seem to be having a great time. I don’t know if we’re going to win our war, but we’ve definitely learned a ton and had a laugh along the way.

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Thank you Brobb for calling my alliance miserable. It was very SG of you.


My observation, from reading your post on several different threads, is that you dislike almost every aspect of this game. Could i ask what you do like about it? @Zero2Hero


So, is it mandatory that all Alliances participate?

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I believe it will eventually match all alliances. But no one is forcing you to open the tab and play


No. As @peanutz says, if you don’t want to participate you can just ignore Alliance Wars. There’s no mandate to participate or penalty for not participating.


Right, but then if all Alliances are matched, then if one Alliance doesn’t fight, the other Alliance will win by forfeit?

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Yes. But the losing alliance loses nothing. They are free to pretend the war never happened.

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Just asking myself two things:

  • what happens if part of an alliance want to partecipate and another part not?
  • what happen if the people who don’t partecipate are more then the one who take part of it? (In general)

Is it “you can skip it if you don’t like it” really the solution?


I would say if you like it the rest of the alliance wants to opt out time to find new alliance. You cant please everyone if anyone dislikes the way the game is going or wishes every aspect to change i would say they need to find a different game


Yes, that’s really the solution. It needs to be a collective alliance decision, of course, and if your alliance can’t agree then some members will probably have to leave and join a different alliance.

Don’t worry - it seems like there are plenty of alliances that love wars, and plenty that hate wars.


So a feature that suppose to strenghten the alliance bond and have fun working togheter has the exactly opposite effect. Mh, interesting.

And rather then work for make that enjoyble for as much people as we can, we just split in two (lovers and haters) and suggest to find the appropriate group? Cool.

I was just trying to figured to play it as a lv 20-30 player, and frankly, theres really few chance to find it “fun” as it is.
But what i care? I’m a lv 40+ that bully small alliances, i probably have much fun :slightly_smiling_face:


@Brobb any pointers to a forum thread that has no whining and just strategy or tips?


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