Alliance Wars for Mercs v31

Before v31 there was a discussion about including player histories into war matching- which got me thinking- what if, as merc, I would continually join losing alliances? Would I observe win loss ratio 50:50 or would I observe more wins than losses?

Prior to v31, my observation is that Alliance Wars are fundamentally biased. If you observe a winning streak, the system is configured to trigger a loss. The trigger is typically a stronger opponent as well as bad boards are presented making it unlikely to win in combat.

A solution for this is to just repeatedly join a losing alliance- theory- if they lost last time then the system will make it easier to win the next.

Finding the right losing alliance is tricky (search capabilities are highly limited)- generally I look for active alliances, use all flags, and over 1 month established. For good measure, I look also where the war chest is 24/25 so to enhance war loot.

At time of writing, i have had 6 straight wins- so, I want to continue documenting progress here.

This is at half time- will update at end.

I used to do that too, but war chest at low % was really terrible, and find an alliance at 24/25 (that assure you to open the chest no matter what) is just a pain.

Not worth it, so i ceased.

Absolutely- but this experiment is for me not about loot but to engineer more wins than losses. Compared to staying in the same alliance- the win loss is typically 50:50 from my experience (others have different experiences)

You could try to trigger that by some kind of trick. All you need is few allies with the same target that you:

Create several alliances with alt accounts and rotate between them. If you manage to create 20 alliances you may get 25-25 evey time, but the % participation will be pretty low (only 20%)

You could also get some titan loot.

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Right- but the player history has effect since v31 and if too many new players join an alliance- the penalty effects are changed significantly. Works best when you join circa 25-29/ 30 then your history isn’t as significant.

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Victory, okay ish loot- looking for next alliance…

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