Alliance wars fairness

Hello guys
I wonder if there is a point in paying to get heroes and making a strong team? I say that because I faced teams in alliance wars weaker at about 300 than me and the boards were so disgusting that I lost all of my flags and I earned only two dead heroes of the opponent’s team. So 6 flags 12 heroes dead. I play this game for one and a half year so I have expierience on battling.
I concluded that spending money is of no use so I will face the game as a game and no one cent will be spent. Maybe then I have more chances on winning

Everyone gets bad boards, that’s just part of the game. We’ve all lost to weaker teams because of it.

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Sorry to hear that you had a rough war.

In my experience, not spending does not increase your chances of winning, but it can certainly be less stressful!

The best reasons to have a strong team is to be more competitive in events, get into a higher raid arena and have a stronger defense team on Wars. As for paying to get it:

  1. You may have to spend a lot as no hero is guaranteed. Don’t spend it if you don’t have the extra $$.
  2. A strong team can be obtained without spending. It definitely takes time and some lucky pulls from saved tokens, saved gems and tc20 to get there.
  3. As for wars, a strong defense is a good idea. As for paying for that defense, I refer you to 1 & 2 :laughing: Keep in mind that as your alliance grows stronger you’ll be matched with stronger opponents.

The only reason you ‘need’ to pay for heroes is just to get to the end game faster. Hope my ramblings help :rofl:

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