Alliance Wars EXPLOIT

When I read a post about two alliances getting to a tie in alliance wars, I wondered how in the world that actuality happened. Now I know.

Because neither team chose to fight the war.

I’ve done 11 wars with a record of 6-5. If, however, I change that to win-loss-default win, my record is 2-5-4, with my last four wins coming from “beating” non -combatants. On the surface, that seems great. 5 free points into the war chest. The problem is that my war score, which is used for matchmaking, becomes artificially inflated based on wars where the opponent chooses not to fight. I end up facing two wars against people that are OBVIOUSLY superior because my war score is incorrect because someone was hoping to get into a zero-zero “tie”. The most recent one is especially egregious. My opponent actually burned one attack point, but achieved a score of zero by either logging out, or letting time run out.

The suggestion is this: if you have a total score of zero at the end of the war…NO CHESTS FOR YOU! If it happens twice, your “participate in wars” box is checked off for some amount of time.

I don’t like losing. But I’d rather lose to an opponent that was an even match than to someone that I shouldn’t need to face yet because of an over-inflated war score. I already get enough PvP cramp over incorrect team strength values.

There is the issue with connection problems causing a score of 0 for a given round, but it’s hard to see that happening to a single player 6 times over a whole war, much less a whole alliance. By and large, I agree. No fightee, no scoree.

FWIW, it is possible to score a draw in a war where both sides fight, though it’s obviously easier with smaller numbers of players. One time both I and my opponent, both solo alliances, managed to wipe the other team 3 times each with our 6 flags, for a rounded total of 4503. Each. Fun fight.


While I agree that having an overinflated war score is an issue, I can tell you that I have received enough 0s for lost connection that it is not truly reasonable to assume someone is intentionally tanking wars. That being said I do hope SG finds a better way to account for connection issues, but I suspect it will be a work in progress. Hope you have better luck in future wars.

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