Alliance wars, enemy numbers declining- SOLVED

So we are in a wae with a 24 member alliance. We have cleared them several times (they are using the terrible one hero defence strategy), but the available targets seems to be decreasing. Only 19 enemies are on the battlefield now.

There alliance still shows 24 members. Is this a bug or am i missing something?

They could leave the alliance and rejoin before you notice. That would remove them from the war. If I recall correctly, if they “eat” their one hero line up they are also removed from the war. It will redistribute the points their team was worth to the other teams left and they won’t get rewards. There may be other ways that I’m not recalling.


They are possibly eating their defenses which wpuld put those players in spectator mode depriving them even of loser rewards


Thanks, that answer makes sense. (@mod Feel free to close post)