Alliance Wars discrepancies

Recently during Alliance Wars, I had one of my members complain that he took a 3600 power team against a team that was 3484 power 2 times and lost both times. Normally, I would have summed it up as a bad war day for him, but this is one of my better war guys. He said the first time the tiles were not great. The second time though, he got great tiles that seemed to do no damage to his opponent and mana’d them up, who in turn, fired on his team and killed him off.

One specific thing about his battle was that his opponent had Boldtusk with 3 nodes. He took tile damage. My alliance member powered up Liana, Magni, and Guardian Kong and targeted Boldtusk, who managed to survive all of that. Something just doesn’t seem quite right.

Also, mana power ups. How is Cyprian, who is average, powering up after 4 tiles and Viktor, who is supposed to be extra fast, is taking 9+ tiles to power up. I’m just wondering if anyone else is having these issues. Any help is appreciated.

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Yeah, I’ve had two raids recently where I felt like something similar happened - where I fired off tiles, in my head said, “Great, that killed that hero!” but then it appeared that no or minimal damage happened. I figured it was an error in my perception - that I had matched different tiles than I thought, or had some weird buff/debuff combo that crippled that attack, and didn’t think much of it. But if there’s a bunch of us having the problem, possibly a rare bug?

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Thanks BristleBeard. I didn’t want to come across like I was whining because we lost a couple of battles. It just seemed like there was something wrong. I am glad that’s it’s not just us having these issues.

Done playing this game. To many bugs and issues. Built up special and had game take all my mana in war battle that I should have won. Took a 2400 team against a 2100 team. This game is really starting to suck with all the issues

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