Alliance Wars - Defence Tips

In the war starting today, I see that the defence gets arrow barrage.

I was wondering what people thought about team combos for the different defensive bonuses.

It seems to me that an extra healer would be beneficial for defence, as staying alive longer allows more auto damage from the arrows.

That got me thinking about what would be best for health boost and attack boost too.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hope this hasn’t been asked before, I’ve searched but can’t find it any where.

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Arrow Barrage cuts down 25% health. It’s kill or be killed.

To quote Fallout Boy: “This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race”

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Perfect. Then I think the extra healer on defence is worth an experiment.

Thanks for your reply.

I go the opposite way on defense with arrows. The arrow damage is 25% of total health, so technically the arrows will never kill you. On defense I like more snipers and Zeline for her AoE attack debuff.

If I’m attacking a team with multiple healers on their defense, then I take a healer and a splash healer when possible.

If you chose to have 2 healers on your defense make sure you have some direct attack power for finishing shots.


The advice to bring some hit-3, splash and AoE heroes is sound. I was startled today when a flank Kadilen fired and took out three of my offense that had been whittled down by arrows and other attacks.


My strategy is to multiply the aid in defense.

Arrows or att buff
=> more hitters (3)

=> more healers (3)

As attacker I go the other way round. Always at least two health dealers against arrows and att buff, against health aid 4 fast hitters and only one health dealer. Sadly the buff aid isn’t dispellable.

Works great so far.


Thanks everyone.

That’s really helpful, although not very reassuring to find my instincts are entirely wrong!

Well, I am the kind of person who can only learn from their own mistakes. So…we’ve all been there!


It’s really the fact that arrows only damage 25% of remaining health (as opposed to total health) that skews intuition.

But once an enemy hero is badly hurt, a survivable defender with a weak AOE like Zim, or a weak splash like Buddy, is often lethal. So adding extra survivable AOE or splash to your team makes sense.

Conversely, since the attacker needs to bring extra healing to overcome the arrow DPR, the proportion of damage your defense takes from specials vs tiles will likely swing toward tiles a bit.