Alliance wars chosen

How do they decide what alliance your going up against in these wars?..we are going against an alliance with 6100 more alliance team power…I don’t that is fair…I can see a 1000 but not 6100 can someone plz explain why??.. thx

Look at your titan score and the opponent titan score, that is how you are matched.

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I don’t understand how 6100 different in alliance score points is fair thou?

Ok sorry just looked at that I gotcha thanks

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If while in the war if an alliance takes out the whole opposing team do they get any special awards?

It triggers an instant revive for all opponents, but no extra points.

First of all, the matches are made by Titan score, not alliance score. What were your Titan scores at the time of the match? (Remember, they decay over time.)

Second, how close were any other alliances to you in Titan score at the tire the match was made? Curious… :wink:

Do you get disqualified if the whole alliance has only one hero in?

Not disqualified… You just lose lol

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Well not necessary like I mean they can only gain so many points being it’s only 1* or 2* then we can go in and attack with our full line ups and gain more points on each attack depending who your up against

Incorrect. Your alliance is worth 2000 points as is your opponent. So those points get divided over your 1*s. I would say: try it out. No fun for the other alliance though and really bad sportmanship (if your idea would be right)

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I would say don’t try it out :slight_smile:

No need to encourage stupidity even tongue-in-cheek: @Tara1979 doing this strategy is a quick way for the opponents to score 12k or more points on you; if you care at all, don’t do this, it’s an idiotic strategy.


Ok I get where your coming from tks

Does anyone know when the rare titans will appear? Also does anyone know how to get the best score in the event quest? Is there certain hero’s or colours to use? Thanks