Alliance wars cheating


That is not true. And this is losing strategy )))

Not cheating. And a dumb strategy anyway, that guarantees they will lose unless they are fighting dummies.


I’m not saying its not true. I’m saying that their 1-man teams not giving them advantage in attacking you. Kill their strong teams with strong heroes first, then kill their 1-mans with crap. You’ll win.


I am literally slapping my head. Really, literally.

If you lost to that tactic then you:

  1. Are extremely poorly organised.

  2. Have no clue how scoring works in alliance wars. Why don’t you go read the forum threads that explain it, then come back when you understand.

Here’s a clue: your alliance is worth 2,000 points, and their alliance is worth 2,000 points regardless of what defensive teams are fielded.

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You gave it away, @b_raven. You’re too nice.

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:slight_smile: 20 characters )))

First, its 6 hours only, second it seems you’re really not organised at all.

[Slaps head. Slaps head. Slaps head.]

You’ve clearly thought this through. I guess you must be right and everyone who has slaughtered this defensive silliness must be wrong. It’s an unbeatable strategy. You are doomed whenever you face it.


You do not understand how the scoring works. As a result, you are spouting pure nonsense. Go and read an explanation of the scoring. Until you do, your ranting is baseless.

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Have you had it done to you. No. Yes you slaughter them with 30 turns say 1 attack per member. What do you do with the other 2 attacks. Nothing you can do.
You can’t change your defence team of having all 5 in so there members still get 6 attacks each.

Leebrind, can you explain more ? What I understand is that doing that they transfer the points of their weaker members on the strongest hoping you will have more difficulties. But doing that they also increase the points you will win when killing their stongest members. I admit I’m not able to calculate the exact consequences.

Do you understand the scoring yet? No? Oh - so that’s why you’re still ranting.

Go read how the scoring works.

Until then, you’re a gurgling sink, but not as smart.

Screenshot how many points you get for killing the people with full rosters.

Screenshot their entire battlefield

Yeeeeeeees… And the impact on the rest of their team defences is…? And the implications for your weaker attackers are…?

You still don’t understand how the scoring works, do you? You still haven’t bothered to read an explanation of it, have you?

It’s impressive how you’re come here to argue about a thing you haven’t bothered to try to understand.

Lee - with the way scoring works this tactic isn’t going to work.

There is 2000 points divided among the alliance based on their teams health. Yes, it sucks to have some teams worth like 4 points but if you look at the real teams fielded they’ll be worth huge points. Kill these ones. After you have killed them kill the crap defenses so the board respawns, as when you’ve killed the whole board everything automatically reappears. You could have completely owned this one.

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I bet he reads what you wrote, doesn’t understand a word of it, and continues to argue that black is white.

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