Alliance Wars Bonus Points

Does anyone knows how many bonus points for eliminate the entire enemies?

If you mean killing every defense team. There is no bonus points. Only bonus is that they all respawn immediately.


Well, that’s disappointing. We were under the impression that there were bonus points for eliminating the entire other team. I guess not.

Is this what you are talking about? In this context, “Team” = 5-Hero team, 1-player

Right—you get bonus points for taking out all heroes from a single foe. You get immediate respawn of all foes by clearing the board. This last is a huge plus because all the easy teams are again.

Well, there are no bonus points per se. The points available are that the weak teams that die easily are auto renewed and available for plunder once again provided you didn’t spend all of your resources eliminating the opposition from the field.

If your alliance swipes the other alliance and they have no defending teams, the war should be over and the sweeping team declared victorious.