Alliance Wars Approaching (Details & Information)!

Alliance Wars change log available here.

As you may have heard, we have been testing Alliance Wars in beta for a while now. We are happy to announce that we are very near to the actual release, which we are expecting to be in the coming weeks. Just to be on the safe side, given the server load, we are planning to release Wars gradually for all Alliances, starting from the top ranking ones.

War Overview

  • Alliance Wars occur twice each week.
  • All players in an Alliance are allowed to partake in Alliance Wars.
  • Wars have a Preparation Phase during which players can edit their War Defense Team.
  • The goal of Alliance Wars is to earn points for your alliance by defeating enemy heroes with War Attack Teams.
  • A player can attack multiple times with different Attack Teams during an Alliance War.
  • Each hero can only be used once for attacking in an Alliance War.
  • Defending Teams are supported by Revenge Strikes in combat.
  • When the War Timer runs out, the Alliance with more points wins.
  • All participating players get loot for their efforts in the war. The players of the winning team have increased chance for better loot.

War Details

  • The starting times of the mid-week war and the weekend war are different, but both have the same duration of 24 hours.
  • All Alliances are automatically matched against a suitable opposing Alliance. The goal is to match Alliances of similar performance.
  • An Alliance cannot face the same Alliance again immediately after they’ve fought each other in a War.
  • The Defense Team cannot be edited once the war starts. Changes to heroes used in defense (leveling them up or losing them in training) are reflected in the composition of the Defense Team.
  • The player is not required to set up the defensive team again after it’s done. The defensive team is automatically used for following wars, though the player is free to edit the team during any of the preparation phases.
  • You can attack multiple times in a War. An attack consumes 1 unit of War Energy. Each player starts with 3 units of War Energy.
  • You get additional 3 units of War Energy at the half-time of a War. These units are added on top of the starting ones in case they’re not used yet.
  • You can only attack once with any specific hero during the War.
  • Revenge Attack does % damage from the overall health of each attacking hero, bypassing defense and buffs.
  • You can attack enemies even if all the heroes of your Defense Team have been defeated.
  • Completely defeated Defense Teams are revived after a certain time. The revival time increases with every complete defeat.
  • Defeating stronger heroes are worth more points than defeating the weaker ones. A fixed amount of points is distributed between the members of the alliances depending on the strength of each member. The total amount of points for each alliance is the same.
  • You get bonus points for completely defeating an entire enemy team.
  • The earned points are never taken away from an Alliance, even if the player leaves the Alliance during the war.
  • Healing and resurrection are temporary during the War. If the health of a defending hero has increased when the battle ends, their health will be reset to the value they had when the battle started.

And very importantly; Alliance Wars is a new feature that will grow and expand in the future based on player feedback. We already know that some features, such as Alliance Wars specific Leaderboards, will be highly requested. We’re eager to hear more your feedback on this new, exciting feature in the coming weeks and months!


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