Alliance Wars and unfairness

There are several items to the alliance wars I do not like and will not participate in said war.

  1. Defense has a sixth man
  2. You can only use heroes ONCE a war
  3. None of my heroes died and yet use only ONCE!! Wrong
    I feel the defense gets the advantage and I am no longer “warring” with any alliance except in raids.

Your loss. The wars are fun for me, requiring different strategy than raids. Enjoy the rest of the game!


Fun fact about alliance wars - smae rules apply to both alliances.


It’s not a loss. I enjoy all the other aspects and maybe someday I may. I thank you for your concern and candor.

The rules are the same for both which means if they removed that dumb revenge bar then it’s still be equal.

I think alliance wars is probably geared more toward seasoned players. I enjoy it quite a bit and am glad to see this new feature. Thank you SG for providing additional content for me to enjoy


seasoned yes, pay lots of $ no. a bunch of 3 star heroes leveled from tc 13 will do nicely. My alt account has a team of 70s and the rest is a mix of 50s and 3/60s. And it was great fun for that account too.


it’s fun as long as no one “exploit” the rules

I liked it. The only thing I might change is how much points you get for destroying a strong defense team; we are prob going to be beaten because our opponent focused on destroying our less experienced players (my defense team is 3500 and never got attacked). They then waited for the less experienced folks to respawn and killed them again. I took on their second strongest team and got the second-highest point for that single battle, but I think I would have done just about as well had I focused on their weaker players.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed it and I think most of my team did too. We have a few disengaged folks that participated actively and really helped out. Consensus across the board is that we all need deeper benches so it’s giving us something to work toward and a reason to level those 3*. Overall, well done SG!!

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I don’t like too much war, one a week is enough.

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