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I have to ask what is the point of wars if the algarythm or poor matching decides the outcomes instead of the battles? We faced an alliance this time that in the end we could have beaten but the algarythm decided we were gonna lose REGUARDLESS. We used all of our allotted flags and the other team left 4 we were beaten by over 400 points. A few of us have 6 war teams above 3700 to and were held to less than 150 points by the gem boards when on average we score from 220 to 250 but it wasn’t just top hitter it was taking 3 to 6 hits to clear a team when usually no more than 3 has the war algarythm changed or was this just extreme bad luck?

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Guess you weren’t paying attention then

Likely just bad luck. My first team scored 6 points on a bad board. In second half of war my sixth team (650 points lower) took out the same team I failed against earlier.

Maybe read the post instead of being the spelling police

Sounds like you could have won. Maybe next time. Sweet thread

Bad spelling was not the point. You admitted yourself that the team was completely beatable. You barely lost.

When you say algorithm are you talking about the points earned for beating a team? These are based on total HP of the heroes. Or are you talking about the matchmaking algorithm (if so your post is even more confusing than I thought)? The matchmaking hasn’t changed in months, but it does factor in your recent wins/losses so might give you a harder match if you’ve been on a winning spree.

No I was speaking directly to the gem board generation algorithm that cost us that war. Also wars shouldn’t have all this help boost arrows and all this other stuff let the teams go head-to-head and find out which is the better team

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It is fair to give defense a boost benefit that both teams get.

Take away the boost and you will be finding your defense teams are losing a lot more, and you are still losing wars.

The gem board is demonstrably random. And the same random algorithm draws tiles for you on attack, and for your opponents when they attack. There’s no hidden genie manipulating the outcomes. Just skill plus luck.

You each get the same chances. That seems fair to me.

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Ah so you feel like you got particularly unlucky this time with gems… Sorry, happens to everyone.

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