Alliance wars - additional tools

I have folowing ideas which in my opinion could be interesting for others and improve management of the AW:

  1. Interesting for the alliance team members could be to have ability to see on the battlefield who from their team already and how many times attacked the opponents. It could be presented e.g. as a small number in the right corner of each defence team icon.

  2. Second idea is that the alliance leader and co-leaders could be able to disclose (and cancel this decision) players from taking part in the war (only own alliance of couse) insead of just kicking them out of the alliance. Why? - already happened:
    • team member set not complete defence team and caused weak point in the alliance defence.
    • team member is absent an will not take part in the war but defence team has been previously set and automatically copied from previous war.

Mentioned above actions could be made during war preparation phase only.

Community, what do you think about above mentioned ideas?

Cheers Xsi

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Good ideas. I’d also like the ability to track in game which heroes are no longer available for attacks.

I would love to see some sort of history per defense team… Something that showed the attack team who died (both teams) and points won.

It is good idea, I thought about it too, specially that I still level up heroes and I want to concentrate on the most needed heros in this very moment and not this which already has been used.

I just hit the attack button in the war and it pops up the hero list with the used ones greyed out. It even works if you have no flags.

I do the same, but doing it you block enemy team (reservation mode).
I would appreciate such info as well in heroes tab. :slight_smile:
But this is useful hint for not experienced players.

Don’t we already have an attack log on the top right corner. Who attack, who they attacked and how much points they have ? Or did you just want to see it in plain numbers on the battlefield ?

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You are absolutely correct, and I watch this ticker like my life depended on it. My post was in response one requesting functionality to see which heroes have been used already in the alliance war and are no longer available for future battles. I was hoping that we could see the details of the teams that attacked us (heroes and troops) in addition to just the score.

Ah see, noted…Yup, I love that log. It’s great for forecasting opponents potential points and strategise(?) your final attacks, etc…Love it…

@Wormwood, you are right, we do, like already SkiParty said. But there, if you want to know who and how many times took part in the fight you have to count. In my proposal you can see it on battlefield at a glance.

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They certainly have the space to give us that in-battle dashboard view. The more info the better…I like…:muscle:

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