Alliance wars 20 hours, not allowing me to set up def. Team!?

Alliance war is starting in 20 hours and they are not allowing me to set my defense team!! Im the leader of my alliance and always the top scoreer on my team! What is going on??? Please help?!?!?

@TrIxTeR a little more information could be useful on this, but here’s some things to check.

  1. Can you access the battlefield? If so, is your team there and can you access it (You can adjust your defense here)?
  2. Is the check mark in your ‘participate in wars’ box? If not, you’ll be in spectator mode for this and any upcoming wars (until you place the checkmark and then you’ll be in the next one).

Hopefully ones of these suggestions work. If not, I’d try restarting the game and try again.

No i checked everything, im the leader of The Ravens Nest, im in spectator mode, box is and has been checked, cannot adjust defense team and cannot come out of spectator mode… ? Im usually the top scorer for my team and we just started getting our bearings since i took over this alliance. This isnt going to be good if i cant participate. Is there nothing i can do? I spend a good amount of money on this game, not to be stuck in spectator mode tho.

Guess you participated in the previous war, too? (asking because the game is supposed to remove the ‘inactive’ members from wars)

Looks like a bug from what we know about the game. Try contacting support and asking them why you’re in spectator mode.
Also @mhalttu might be able to check. (about the leader of The Ravens Nest, as mentioned above)

Ive seen a few threads/complaints about this during the last 2 Wars. Honestly, since it’s never hit anyone in my alliance, I’ve never read them thoroughly. You may try searching he forums for ‘spectator mode’ or something along that line. That should bring up some threads to research for an answer.

One good thing, you likely won’t be on the battlefield or included in any matchmaking metrics. This will make it easier on your alliance as they’re missing their top player. :disappointed_relieved:

Ive never missed a war

We checked the logs and can see that @TrIxTeR had the opt out on when the matchmaking started. It’s possible this has happened accidentally - we are adding a confirmation popup to the opt-out checkbox in v16.


Probably a good idea. Our fingers are often hitting the wrong buttons!

Hmm… still a bit of a mystery. :slight_smile:
@TrIxTeR, do you remember checking the box after noticing it was unchecked?

Yeah wen you guys told me to cjeck it i actually shut it off then back on, i was just trying to get back into it, well thats a great idea for the pop up, ty. Im afraid to look at the war, but going to now. I got to watch my wife and team play this morning, very wierd sitting out but is what it is… Ty for the pop up

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Absolutely not I have been participating in Alliance War since they began it. Unless after one of their updates it unchecked itself but there is no reason for me to uncheck that box ever and I do not recall ever seeing it unchecked I did however mess with it afterwards just trying to get out of spectator mode and modify my defense team