Alliance war


Hi staff/davs
I know that alliance wars are going to happen that has always been in the works but i was wondering if their be a button to op out of the wars
See i am a training alliance for new people starting the game and want to learn how so i set up my alliance for that purpose i feel that wars for my alliance would be disastrous many will get frustrated and quit the game before they even had a chance to really get to know the game so if you have a op out button so you can choose if your alliance wants to participate in this alliance war or not then they can say yes or no
Thank you


If I’m not mistaken, they will be more along the lines of competitions, not wars. You will likely not be penalized for not joining in, nor will you be ‘attacked’, there will just be benefits for participating and winning.


Ok i hope so thank you much appreciated on this information


That was my impression as well


If i am garentee we will not lose cups then it would be good i could also use it as a training method for my training alliance


I am all for the alliance battles as long as alliances can choose to agree to matches. This would need special chat communication with the alliance leader and co-leaders.

If this can result in earning more items…as in rare ascension items, ONLY, and cups are not on the line, then, yes… BRING IT!!!


Oh cmon! You know you want more wooden shields! :laughing:


Sure, if you don’t mind reading more raging rants from me…yeah go ahead fill the Alliance War drops with BS that we can farm from anywhere. LOL LOL LOL :wink:


Lol rook that funny more play sword and sheilds lol


You know, that and common herbs…or rocks! :smile:


Sure, why not, make alliance battle suck with poor drops. I don’t care anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: