Alliance war: wrong score

Hi guys. the score of my defense team was 54 points … the opponents attacked me 6 times and they earned 56 points … did u notice this bug?
Fede l’Alchimista

The point value of your team can change over the course of a war, since it’s based in part on the ratio between your team’s total health and the total health of every defense team in your alliance.

If someone in your alliance levels up their heroes during the war, your point value can actually go down. Is it possible someone in your alliance was leveling up heroes in their defense team while the war was ongoing?

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If they only partially clear your team, the value of the health they depleted is calculated to decimal points and gets rounded up/down. Since they took so many attempts to kill you, there were a lot of chances for the points they earned to be rounded up.


Ok but this is wrong… if the points are 54 they cant take 56… this is my think… well this is not happen only to me and i think this need fixed

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As @MantisToboggan pointed out, each flag hit is calculated to a decimal and then rounded up/down. This is normal, point differences are minimal and can work in your opponents favor as well as yours.

While the OCD in me completely agrees that it should be changed, this is a known result of multiple hits and has a minimal overall impact to the war.

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