Alliance war wrong descision:

We are ahead of points on war,the opponents attack even its proccesing and points counts?common men,be fair…we do our best

Looks fair to me, well played by your enemy.

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A war is not resolved until all attacks are complete. Any attack that starts before the timer hits 0 are allowed to resolve. But there’s a timer on each battle—5 minutes? 10? This war should have been resolved hours ago. Is it still open?

Sorry for your loss. As I said above, this is not a bug but a design of the wars: all battles that start before the timer hits zero are allowed to play out.

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This game has a timer,is there any rule about that even time is zero points are counted?

The rule is that all battles must begin before the timer hits zero. All battles must then be completed within the (10?-minute) timer on a battle.

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