Alliance War worth of alliance

We are in war and are just confused about the points.

Our opponent just wiped us out (congratz), they didn’t take down any team twice. So far as I know all alliances are worth 2000 points - but our opponent has 2047 points. How is that possible?

It’s effectively rounding error. We see it as well.

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So the alliances are not worth the same? One alliance get an advantage for the same target. And 47 is definitely more than 1.5 points for each team (average)

I didn’t calculate our opponents worth now, maybe they are more worth and the advantage would be our - but either way it’s wrong or bug and should be fixed

When it comes to points rounding, the choice is to round up and give the players what they earned, plus enough to make a whole number, or to round down and take away points that the player fairly earned.
Which would you prefer, a few bonus points to both sides per battle, or to have your score reduced by the same amount arbitrarily even though you earned those points?

I prefer fair game :wink:

And I think we have different definition about that topic. Are you related in any way to the technical issues?

Or are you only a reader/casual gamer who wants to discuss a reported bug? (another definition of trolling)

Casual reader who tries to provide useful input when I can. If that is unwelcome, might I suggest using the correct options to privately contact customer support instead of posting on a public forum?