Alliance War win points on Un even Player counts

There is clearly a major bug in alliance wars when there are uneven player count in both teams.

A full wipe gives 1500 points.
In our current war, we have 18 players
Our enemy has 19 players.

Our win average shall award 1500/18= 83 points
Enemy win average shall aware 1500/19=79 points

What happens is just the opposite. Enemy averages 83 points in their wins,
We average 79 points on our wins.

Don’t also forget that enemy have 6 more attacks than us which makes this war un winnable for us.

This bug shall be corrected ASAP.

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Perhaps you missed this thread when you did a search, before starting an identical one :thinking:?

Uneven participants in alliance wars does happen, on a rare occasion. It is not a bug.

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No not at all, my thread is directly related to how the match win points are calculated.
The thread you link is related to uneven matchmaking, Completely separate issues.

This is not the case for us. Alliancee war scores are very close.

The issue is they are averaging more points on win’s where as it shall be opposite. There is a major calculation bug in the algorithm.

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I’m sorry you’re still having issues with alliance wars. Btw A team’s value is also determined by overall HP, so you’d have to consider that too. If theres a team that is worth much less, the value of the other teams will be increased to compensate. I can’t tell from your screenshots if this is the case.

Regardless, users of the forum are players of E&P just like you. Try contacting them direct perhaps?

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Teams are completely evenly matched.
I don’t mind losing the war, but this clearly shows there is a major issue in the calculation and this shall be investigated and resolved asap. Because this algorithm bug could be affecting all wars.

Can we please ask developers to respond this issue.

I don’t see the problem.

Your teams are worth 1500/18=83 points.
Opponents’ teams are worth 1500/19=79 points.

When you one-shot an opponent on average you receive 79 points (1500 for a flip).

When your opponent one-shot you on average they receive 83 points (1500 for a flip).

Yes, there is an imbalance in flags but the scoring is as intended. No bug.

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