Alliance war: We suspect our teams are regenerating faster than our opponent's in this war

Hi. According to my co-leader, Numeri, and I, it looks like our teams were regenerating at a faster rate (even instantaneously?) than our opponent’s teams at the beginning of this war. Current war is “tartiflette team” vs. “Rad Badger” (us). One indicator this may be the case is that two team members from tartiflette team attacked LoadedCrawfish (our team) in what looks like quick succession, for what I estimate to be full points (92). Please would you double-check the regeneration times for Rad Badger in the current war, to make sure our opponents did not get an advantage from having targets pop up more often. Apologies if we’re mistaken but I don’t think we are. Thanks/ The Badger.

Are you sure your allianxe wasn’t reset, which would be all of your teams being killed?


No I’m not sure about that. That is possible, they did attack very fast. It is definitely mathematically possible… Is there any way for me to check possibility vs. actuality?

Look at the war log and count how many times they attacked and compare that to how many teams are in your alliance.

Heres how


Thanks KLinMayhem, I think you’re correct. I still can’t be certain because I know, from the war log, that it is mathematically possible, but I don’t, off the top of my head, know the total value of each team in my war alliance, so I can’t be certain from the points scored. I will try to do a little better at knowing the statistics of my alliance’s teams. In the meantime I am convinced enough that you’re correct that we can close the issue. Thanks very much for the feedback.

Tap on each team to see the points.

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My version only shows the total available points for victory when the team has not been attacked at all and we’re still in the war at the moment. Is there any way to calculate the “total points for victory” from the team power or cost?

Killing every team is worth around 1500 points total, regardless of how many teams there are or their TP, since the points are just divided proportionally amongst them.

So looking at their score is a good indication of whether a clear has happened as well.


You can always look at the war log to figure it out. How many players are in your alliance?

Really, I did not know that, we have been running around a similar level the last few wars, and high level players have recently dropped out, to be replaced by others, so I never guessed that the total points are always the same.
So an alliance that takes on 10* titans is worth 1500 war points, just like a team that takes on 5* titans; it’s just that the latter team will have a much harder time winning??
Thanks for this nugget of statistical information!! :grinning::+1:

It’s all relative though. Your alliance taking on 5 star titans will hopefully be matched with an alliance close to yours.

It’s approx. 1500 total points but as you can see, if you or your opponent resets the board several times, that’s 1500 points x ?

Our opponent currently has over 6000 points while we are coming close to 5000.


No, as @princess1 said, the design is that you’re matched with an alliance with a similar War Score to yours (which actually has nothing to do with Titans at all).

It’s like Bowling with someone else of roughly similar skill to you. The maximum points don’t change based on who’s playing.


No, that I understand zephyr1: I realise it has nothing to do with titans at all, I was just using titans as an approximate benchmark for a stronger (can beat a 10*) vs weaker (can beat a 5*) alliance in a hypothetical match up. If it were to happen, which as princess1 points out it wouldn’t, and if both teams were to wipe each other out once, then stop, both teams would score approx 1500. That was what I was trying to clarify. Thanks for the input everyone, I’ve learned a lot tonight!

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