Alliance war - War points of a team



We are in a match and… we don’t understand how war points are calculated. The opponents have stronger team but the points are less. Here are some pictures for comparision:


Really good question. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
First I thought because of the better troops but not really the case in your second example. I am curiouse what we will find out here in your Topic :thinking:


They are based on the total Health of the defensive team.

The attacked gain points by decreasing the health of the opponent.


It’s not correct, please compare the total hp of the 2 teams which power are more than 3k, they are very similar. We are weekers, and struggling to gain points… We are not afraid of lost, but we are not please with the points given.


It’s all about team health.

That means:

Killing Gormek gives you more points than killing Guinevere!

But they don’t address that when figuring out balance sooo… yeah


You are trying to compare points for teams from your alliance vs their alliance. You can’t do that. They don’t relate to eachother.

Their entire defense of X teams is worth 1500 points. Their individual points are xx/1500 = their health/alliance health. Same for yours.


@LucasDaoc well, may you be right. That’s perhaps the difference between a strong alliance with even teams and the other with big gaps between players. Thank you.


Not saying that the health answer is incorrect, but come on. Making it based on health shouldn’t cause the war to glitch the way it is in regards to even the fighting. We’ve almost cleared an opposing teams side of the board AND they have more people than us, but there’s an 800 point gap in the score? And this is due to health? Our alliance scores are basically even, actually, I believe our opponents are stronger in that regard. But, one of our 2600+ teams is worth the exact same as their 3200+ team?? That seems ridiculous. The point system is not being calculated fairly in the least bit.


Speaking of glicth, I had an opponents hero die when i was targeting someone on the opposite side of the board… just saying. And no, there were no DOTs/debuffs on him.


Why is my alliance always the weak one in battles. Every war, we are against teams with 10 to 35 percent stronger teams. When my alliance was around 45 k, we were constantly matched against teams in the 60k+ range. Now that we’re at 60k+, it’s 70 k+ teams. Do we ever get an even match? No. I cannot remember when the opponent had a lower team score than us.
Absolutely no balance in alliance wars. If this isn’t correct, we will opt out of part of a game we would like to play. Your formulas aren’t working well at all.


@SwampWizard My friend, i know it is frustrating when lost. However, this is a game, and you should noy let it affect negatively to your mood. We have a developing team out there, support them by giving info and ideas. Our alliance is losing for many matches in a row, but we focus on participating together, discussing, and having fun. You get reward anyway, even it is very little when lost :wink:


Losing isn’t a problem if we have fair shot at winning. My problem is with the way the line keeps moving away as we approach it. If we’re a 45k team , fighting 65k teams, so be it. But why is it we are always the underdog? Why did 65k teams get paired with us, and now the we are there, we are still always matched up against stronger opponents. It seems that if 65k teams were handed us at 45k consistently, then why at 65k are we never , and I mean never, paired against a weaker or even close to equal opponents. That’s the disparity I’m complaining about.
My alliance is tenacious and up for the fights. But many of them, myself included, see the fact the we cannot get a fair match up as something that makes wars more of a chore than a game. So wanting an equal shot at winning isn’t a weakness or idle complaint. We don’t ask to be the stronger alliance every war, nor do we ask not to be matched against stronger ones. What we want is to be paired up with opponents of close enough strength to have the opportunity to win when we play well and to be matched up against opponents both stronger and weaker as opposed to always being paired against stronger alliances. All we ask is a fair shot, not a tilted against us every war. A little parity is reasonable to request.!


Dear friend, i just hope you are not in bad mood because of this. I understand your frustration as we are somehow in a same situation. However, i found many complaints already, and also found that the developing team is studying the issue, so, let’s be optimistic.
My post is to inquire the way points of a war team are calculated. Currently, with such way, the opponents can get the points easily, while we were struggling to get points…