Alliance War..Using Two of Same Heroes

In our war, as leader, I noticed the opposing Alliance had 2 teams using 2 of the same heroes, Chaos, and Caedmon. Both teams had one without emblems, and one with emblems. Is this considered fair! Rules state using only one hero per team! A hero is a hero with or without emblems! Please look into this!


Feel free to even use 5 of the same. There aren’t any rules or restrictions for that.


Hopefully as a leader, your team members will not laugh at you…lol.
One hero per team mean you can only use a hero once. It will automatically blanked after being used.
If me and my friend has 3 Chaos and 2 Caedmon maxed in our respective roster, we can use both without any obligation.


You can’t use the same instance of the hero twice, but if you have several instances of the same hero, you can use them.


You can’t use the same hero twice while attacking, unless you have multiples of that hero. You can use whatever you want on your defense. I’m using 5 Ameonna’s…not really, but I want too!! Simply for the kicks


Well, I am actually short of 4 * variety so I level up 2 each of Chaos, Grimms, Caedmons, Gormeks, Sabinas, Rigards and even 2 Wu for AW / stacking.

Perhaps the OP is confused about the teams for defense vs attacking. You can set up your defense (As can the opponent), using any heroes from your roster. Colour stack if you’d like, use duplicates, if you choose to.

In your attack teams, you can only use the hero once (same goes with your opponent).

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It’s irrelevant. If I have 5 Caedmons, I can use all of them both in attack and offense.

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Every hero can only be used a single time during a war, but if you have dupes, they can be used side by side for one particular battle.

With say 10 Berden, you may bring 5 Berden into 2 battles.

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I am quite capable of laughing at my own self, thank yu! Misunderstood the rules! Thxs! Ha Ha!


I see this has been explained, but when I was reading it my honest reaction was, “What hero is named Chaos? I want one! Cool name.” Took me a while to figure it out.

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