Alliance War Troops

During alliance wars are your troops only allowed one use the same as heroes? I have been keeping 6 troops of each color for wars, as I don’t know the answer to this. If not, I would like to use my duplicate troops for leveling up.

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Troops are re-used.

So you don’t need six.

I keep 2 or 3 at each level for events and colour stacking

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Troops can be used repeatedly

U understood that?

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Erm, no.

I google translated it from Indonesian…but it didn’t make enough sense. So I skipped to the top and replied to the OP because I didn’t see my own original reply from 6 November.

So…long story but not necessarily an interesting one!

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Is there a foreign language part of the forum?

Yes, I’ve put it in it’s own topic with an Indonesian flag… hopefully someone can help, although I think there’s a volcano erupting in the country so everyone might have more pressing IRL problems :hushed:

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Oh i just noticed the flag. Hope they’re all ok. Foot in mouth now. Ttyl

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