Alliance War troops tips

Maybe I am going into too much detail, but I am looking for the best combination of troops for my Alliance War defence team. I have a defence team that served me well so far: Proteus, Grimm, Kashhrek, Sonya, Boldtusk.

For Sonya I have the choice between two troops. One (imperial elite strikers***) makes her stats: 619 (ATT) - 700 (DEF) - 952 (HP). The other (ravager archers***): 582 - 733 - 907.

I think I should focus on the DEF stats, rather than ATT and HP. Or would it make no real difference? Does anyone have experiences with assigning troops for Alliance War?

Honestly I’m not sure it makes much of a difference. I would personally go with higher DEF before the rest, but I think the chance of it turning an L into a W are so slim that it’s not really worth the time to think about it.

But hey, maybe I’m dead wrong and it makes a lot of difference :wink:

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Thank you for replying so quickly :slight_smile: I will stick to the DEF for now, even though it gives my team a lower “power score”. I know power score is not always representative of how effective your team is. Perhaps someone else will give me/us new insights.