Alliance War - Teammate has no Defense Team

Hi all! Question…
When a team member does not select a defense team but has opted into the war…

  1. does their opt in count toward the war points?
  2. when a user does not choose a defense team does that provide points to other alliance?
  3. is there a way to opt someone out of a war as the Aliiance Owner?

Hi @Phlix…to the best of my knowledge, if you :

  1. are below level 12
  2. have not completed war tutorial
  3. have not set up a complete team of 5 as your war defense

then, you are automatically opted out and not counted by the system for the matching process. The other team has no target to take out, so gets no points for them as they are not on the field. The points are distributed amongst the whole team, of those that are opted in for the war and eligible.

Leaders can only opt entire team out of wars, not individual members.

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I believe if the person does not set a team up in advance they become a spectator for that war. I am unsure what this does to their war chest.


Hi @Phlix, welcome to the forums!

Only someone who is opted in will be counted in the war score.

They will be automatically opted out if there is no defense team.

Sadly, no, not at this time.

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As soon as a player has reach level 12 they will be entered into the next war automatically. Opting out of this war is NOT optional. However, if the player does not select a defense team during war prep, they will be removed off the battlefield. This does not change who you are up against and your team will have one person short on the battlefield. The disadvantage then is that you will be missing the 6 war flags that team mate would have had to earn points.

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