Alliance War Tab is HERE

Ok… Moment of Truth. The Alliance War (AW) is finally here. I know they are rolling it out slowly, and I’ve read the comments from those who played in beta… But if anyone has info or comments, I would like to know your different perspectives.

Here’s my big question:

I have 4 decent heroes in each color and 2 more weak ones. They are still 3 or 4 star, but completely not powered up. Should I put 2 of those weak guys with 3 powerful ones in each attack, or should I stack four good attacks and then muddle through the last two attacks?

Try what works for you, but I’d start with this strategy.


Will heros killed during alliance wars count for the wanted chests?


Wow. Fantastic question…I can’t believe no one’s asked that yet (or at least that I’ve seen). (and no that’s not sarcasm, I actually went “wow, no one’s asked that” out loud in my home office).

I doubt it since it’s not technically part of a raid…but who knows. @Petri maybe a little extra incentive to kill heroes during AW?


My guess would be ‘no’. It would alter game balance as hero chests would be filled far more regularly due to the ‘free’ energy you’re getting in the form of Alliance war energy… so to stop the inflation that this may produce the content of the hero chests would then need to be tweaked.

I hope I’m wrong, by the way, but knowing the way I think the SG developers think, I suspect I’m not.

So @Petri… which is it?

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It is only six extra flags twice a week. In a months time it might count for 5-10 more chests… More than likely it will just mean you get the chest a little sooner that day than you would otherwise.

They don’t count if I recall correctly from beta

When you click on the chest it specifically says in raids. Min just finished coubring down.

This is what I recall too but I am not 100% certain.

TADA… In 24 hours we will start our first war. This is exciting, but I have to say a little disappointing also. We only have 25 members… There used to be a time when people was always looking for alliances, but lately not even a tumbleweed has come by. No matter, we shall fight and defend with honor…lol (300 is my motivation movie).

We only have 28, and only 25 set teams last time, so don’t sweat it.


Can you let us know what your alliance score is? Trying to get a rough estimate as to how far down the list they rolled it out to this time.


@Revelate We are in this time as well. Alliance score 76183


@Revelate… Our score is 67709

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@Witch… Between our scores, that seem to be a very big margin

@MaryMagdalene I think they made the wars available for a larger group this time