Alliance War suggestions


Just a couple of suggestions that hopefully will help.

  1. The ability to see how many players have attacked. It’s nice that the tug of war shows a total points but without knowing how many attacks correspond it is relatively useless until the end. It is time consuming to look at the history to add this up. Would be a simple extra column in the database call so shouldn’t be that hard to add.

  2. Would like the ability to test alliances defenses. So in the 24 hours leading up we can attack our own alliance members to see how their defenses hold up. It will help each alliance tweak things so that they supply the best defense and it will also add another layer of fun, especially for the members that talk smack about their defense.

  3. This is a bit of a stretch but if you were to modify the damage so that it was harder to kill defenses. Then not have your defense revive. Strategically then you would have to know who to hit and eventually you would need to kill the top teams. Sounds like the top defensive teams were being ignored in the fights, this way it makes it a lot more strategic in how you pick your battles.

Hope these help.



I would like to have the ability, as leader or co-leader to remove a player’s team from the battlefield. Our alliance ended up having two treasured members go AWOL for several days, without notice. An alarming behaviour from otherwise very active members. After we removed them, several weeks later they both came back with explanations of being in the hospital. Sometimes a member goes absent for several days because of a broken device, or serious family issues. The point is, they sometimes don’t have a chance to contact the alliance. If we have room in our alliance, and IF we don’t care if they miss some titan fights, we would like to have the option to take them off the battlefield since they won’t be attacking anyways, and we don’t want them to just sit there as an easy target.


I would love to have a re-match option. If, after a battle the losers could hit a re-match button, the victor could accept or deny the challenge. If the victor accepts, and wins again, they could get a bonus reward. We are currently fighting an excellently matched opponent but we’re down four players due to health, family issues. We won’t be able to beat them this time (without a miricle) but they are fun to fight.

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The devs could offer the button only once per matchup in order to avoid the same alliances just continuing to battle each other.

It’s been mentioned before but being able to see how many lives players have left would be great. Maybe a little number beside their team on the field, or on their profile in the top attackers standings. A typical war chat for us looks this: who has lives? June, do you have lives, yes one. Jack, how many lives do you have, none. Etc. Etc.

I would like to add a fourth suggestion.

  1. Now we can only use each hero once, no matter if he/she/it got killed in the battle or not. I would like to suggest we can use our hero again if he /she/it survived the battle. This would help and motivate to let even the lesser heroes grow better.

Or if your team survives unscathed (no deaths) they can move on. Be used again…

There would be no way to do fair matchups with this. This really only works for the top teams that have already 30 fully leveled strong heroes. For the weaker players this would increase the chances of unbalanced wars.

I like 1 (which would be nice for titans as well) and even more 2.

I don´t agree with 3 killing all teams is very advantegous, so even the strongest teams shoud be killed. If it dont happen its because bad strategy and lack of coordination.

4 would be very unfair for weaker players.

If we can’t have the ability as a (co)leader to remove short-to-medium term absentee players from the battlefield without kicking them out of them alliance, I’d like to suggest all players must (re)resiter for every war.

Valued players can go dark for a number of reasons, and kicking them seems extreme. However, their disappearance hurts the rest of the alliance in War, since the can be attacked but will not attack back, and currently there exists no out-of-band mechanism to communicate with the players to discover the reason for their absence. I suspect that if the player isn’t active enough to register a defense team for war in 24 hours, the likelihood of them being available to attack is rather low.


Yes, please! Good alternate solution! :+1:

Wouldn’t it be easier to level the playing field if nobody respawns until every team is killed? No more picking off weaker teams for points and never attacking the strongest players. Unbalanced alliances with a large variance in team strengths would be able to strategize.