Alliance war stuck in match making

Started this alliance Sunday.Screenshot_20190917-064157 Screenshot_20190917-064202

I was wondering if new alliances had restrictions. The alliance opt in for wars button is checked in settings, and has been + all members checked in.

Do not worry. It will start in 45 minutes for you. Small alliances have a different starting hour. I speak from my experience.

Thank you! It seems it had started. Not use to it starting late

Yeah… I have my own alliance, only 3 members. It was hard to adapt when I made this change, from big alliances to a small one. The starting hour is 3 hours later.

I can also confirm what @Scarecrow said. The smaller your alliance, the longer matchmaking takes. I took a break from a large alliance (25+ war participants), and my wars now start several hours after they used to (which I actually prefer, for my personal schedule). Matchmaking starts at the same time for all alliances. The larger (and I’m guessing on this one - higher ranked) your alliance is, the sooner you are matched.

Also @Lurking you can mark one of @Scarecrow’s replies as a solution to close this.

Thanks, just seeing this. Appreciate it

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