Alliance war strategy


If I attack with one team and defeat the opponent without my heroes dying can I keep attacking with same team or is my flag up once done with one team?

I ask cause I don’t want to waste my strong heroes against ppl that put weak defenses to limit points acquired from defeating them.


Can only use heros once


I think the answer is you can attack only one team per. Six flags means six attacks versus six defense teams one at a time.


I know if you are timed out in a battle you get 0 points. I just found out today that if you FLEE before the timer runs out, you do get some points.

19 points are still better than 0


Yeah. I used to use this strategy when the dregs of my bench couldn’t finish someone off.

Particularly with healing aid. It was better to get a few hits but flee before they healed up Cos healing negates the points earned


Good call. When you find that you are not likely to win, watch the healers—particularly Alberich. Fleeing before they cast leaves a weaker team for clean-up.