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I have been looking through the forum, and have come to the understanding that there are teams playing and attacking hard at the beginning, all at once it seems, or sandbagging, or playing two alliances against each other two maximize their winnings and ratios. I am gathering that the classic wave pattern is no longer effective (attacking first such and such hours wait and repeat, then wait and everyone demolishes the enemy? So, what is at least a viable strategy, with the game working against you? Suggestions from high point teams are appreciated. I’m assisting a lower point alliance grow stronger and I want them to succeed. Somebody said they wanted to try some strategies that have worked for them in other alliances. I asked the guy ahead of time, and his strategy ended being an outdated wave strategy that I feel is crap and doesn’t work. I would love some feedback. Thanks ahead of time.

Wave strategy flat out just fails when you can’t one-shot the selected wave or you don’t kill a wave in a timely manner but for a growing alliance it can definitely be a helpful strategy to help all members get the most use of all their flags.

I don’t think you should be so dismissive about it unless your experience with this alliance suggests both of those red flags exist.

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I do feel that our alliance has the capability of one shots. I just feel that some are afraid to think outside of the box and look for strategies of heroes vs heroes on the battlefield and match up accordingly.

It’s not that I’m necessarily dismissing it, it just feels like that is what has worked in the past, so people know how to attack against a strategy like that.

When I was in smaller alliances I thought the wave strategy worked great ( If by wave you mean killing 10 weak targets, waiting for them to respawn and killing them another 2 times before you went free for all). It makes sense for weaker alliances to try and hit the weaker teams as many times as possible and I’d say that’s your best bet.

I’ve spent a lot of time in bigger alliances now too, several top 100, and I can tell you that in many there might be less strategy than in smaller/medium alliances. More experienced players have very deep rosters and are capable of getting 6 one shots if they get decent boards so the farming strategy obviously doesnt make as much sense anymore.

My alliance is usually around 150 and we use a semi wave strategy and we kick ■■■.

I agree. Our team isn’t filled with new people to the game; more of people still getting more stronger heroes leveled up.

I’ve seen that as well. Our team had someone use the wave strategy, but made it sound prior to play that his plans were going to be grandiose. Once the board started, he needed time to look at the field, then only had us attacking the 3 lowest teams. It wasn’t enough. It should have been higher. Then he wanted us to attack again once the respawned. He said heavier groups to coordinate attacks, but my problems were he was inexperienced in refresh times, and had no idea what a grid system was.

We lost horribly, and before we were doing fine. I just want to get an idea on what strategies people feel are effective. Russian groups hit hard and methodical sometimes, and best us when that happens. I just want to be prepared because I don’t think a second chance from someone who is more inexperienced than I realized should be given. We are a competitive group, or at least trying to be.

Yeah if you’re gonna farm weak teams you should pick 10-12 targets. Kill them as quickly as you can at the start of war. Kill them again when they respawn, again as soon as possible. Then wait for them to respawn a third time before making it a free for all. The timing will be different each time depending on how quickly you kill the first and second waves. This is a sound plan which was executed poorly by your teammate because 3 targets is not gonna work. Try it the way I explained and see how it goes.

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Okay, that sounds more logical. I’ll bring it up with the rest of my leaders. Thanks.

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I’m going to give you a few more tips to make sure things work out.

So the amount of targets will always vary from one war to another. Some wars you might pick say the 12 teams under 4100, while another tougher war you might choose the 10 teams below 4250 or an easy one the 11 under 3900. The point is to try and pick targets that give you the best opportunity at a one shot. Bad boards happen no matter what you do but always try to give yourself the best chance to win. Always try to have a leader or co-leaders around at the start of war to choose targets and make sure you add it to the featured message so everybody knows what to do and kill them asap. Also add when it will be time for the first reset/ shift to free for all into he featured message once you know when it will be.

To have a successful alliance it takes a lot of communication, coordination and effort. You need to make sure everybody is on the the same page. Some people want to play in more relaxed alliances and obviously a sound war strategy makes things more serious which some people dont like. If people start to stray from the strategy sh*t starts to hit the fan fast so you may need to make some changes, IF you want to continue to run it. Make sure everybody is on the same page and is always reading the featured message for instructions before they use their flags.

I hope this is helpful and best of luck.


@JLB_ep All that was extremely helpful. This last battle was an absolute sh*tshow, and I want to make sure that does not happen again. Allowing someone just because they are high Ervin trophies run the plays was a bad move on our part, especially when he didn’t know exact refresh hours or grid terminology. If we lose him after pulling back some of that ability from him, oh well. There are plenty of other players out there and we will survive. Again, thank you for the help and advice. :+1::smiley:

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You’re welcome. I’m glad I could be of some help. If you ever have more questions just tag me in this post :+1:

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Well, todays war was supposed to end in defeat for me; my direct opponent had a superior defense team with ~ +20 mana troops and i was resigned to another few days on the sidelines. However, i had an unrelated issue and sought advice here (I have been asking this question for a while). Thankfully, for the issue at hand, @bobiscool answered and said "What have you got in this colour?). I replied and he gave me a suggested line up for a mono attack (this is most definitely outside my comfort zone).

TL/DR asked advice, followed it and my confidence was restored.

So the other week, I outlined my defense strategy and then had to mix things up; paranoia etc. So the defense is now different for the moment but still unkind. I applied some of this attack wisdom (from @bobiscool) and while it was not always successful, victory is mine; all flags played. Mono stacks are great but 3,2 is cautious and more successful in AW or so it seems for now anyway.
No naming and shaming here as my opponent had fast mana troops on all defenders. I applaud them, they did well and in the unlikely chance they read this, they were a worthy opponent.
My strategy today was a lineup consisting of thus: heal/cleanse, snipe/dispel, attack buff/heal, snipe/dispel, attack all/mana down. EDIT: late edit, I realise the attack buff heal should not be quite where it is but it will be a person attacking (was).


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