Alliance War start time question

Twice my American team has fought a European team. I was just wondering if the start time for both sides is identical or if the start time is staggered to reflect time zones around the world?

The war for both sides starts at the same time for both alliances

I think each war starts at the same time for everybody, so every eligible alliance goes to war simultaneously, but that start time gets brought forward by around 6 hours each war to ensure alliances in certain countries aren’t stiffed every time. Not entirely sure though

From Dante’s War Primer:

What is the actual starting time of each war in USA cst time zone?

The war start for both alliances involved at the same time. However, the is not simultaneous to everyone. I’m playing solo and my war starts 2 hours after many of the alliances that I know.

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And the times have now changed? Is that a permanent change?

Maybe now we have a worldcrisis because of the coronavirus, we can play allywars 3 times a week? To keep us busy?!

Times haven’t changed. Not in the 2 years I’ve been playing.

Weekday war starts at approx 2020-03-18T08:00:00Z each Wednesday

Weekend wars start at approx 2020-03-20T18:00:00Z each Saturday.


2 hours earlier was our war starting and ending

Matchmaking started earlier too on last tuesday… everybody in the ally was wondering

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