Alliance War - Snapshot of Attacking Team

There were a few topics regarding replays and I believe that it would be quite resource-heavy to implement.

But what about a simpler thing?
I’d like to see just a snapshot of the team that attacked me in war.
In the same style as we can see in pvp tower (except, an actual attacking team).
That would give me ideas regarding what works against me and what doesn’t.

We have got in contact with our war opponents via the line app and shared recordings of battles in a separate chat room. Is this what you’re suggesting?

The snapshot in the watchtower doesn’t actually tell you what team was used to attack your heros? :woman_shrugging:

Edit - ahhhh
Yes I misread your idea :woman_facepalming:.

Edit: My bad, it doesn’t. But I would like to have that thing for wars.
I suggested full replays elsewhere.
But now I’ve toned it down and would just like to see the teams that attacked me in war.

Great idea of getting a snappy of the attacking team after the battle. Would also be nice for raids and tournaments and it wouldn’t cost as much resources as full replays.

Unfortunately, the watchtower only shows the defense team of the player who attacked you, not their attacking team. But I like your idea and it can be implemented for both wars, raids and tournaments. Good idea.

True. No idea what went into my brain so early in the morning.

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