Alliance War Slaughter

WHAT?!?! i crude iron, 1 battlefield manual and an axe. These were the rewards for this last alliance war. Another war where the alliance we were matched up with had 30 to 60k higher alliance score than we ourselves had/have. This is not an isolated incident, it is the norm.

Of all the wars we have had since they started there has been one closely matched war. It was a difficult fight and a whole lot of fun and all the rest have been mostly slaughter and more rarely we overpowered them and a source of frustration for them.

Time after time get the “they are working on it” statement with matching being done in all kind of different ways. Perhaps the cups can be used as part of the matching since the incentive to drop cups is now gone.

But for the life of me what i can’t understand is what is so difficult about coming up with a system, but to be sure to take into account that the alliance score can be no farther apart than say for example 2 to 5k.

Today our alliance lost and my reward was crude iron, battle manual and an axe. That as a consolation reward is pure crap. At least we previously received ham and iron and felt a little better, not much at all, but a little.

There are a growing number of us out there that are planning to simply remove out defensive teams permanently from the war as an alliance and have already done so before when matched with an alliance that had a score close to 60k higher than ours.

As it stands now you can take your alliance war and shove it &* #$@% *$$. All you are accomplishing is creating frustration, alienation and a keen awareness that it can take six months or more to level up a hero to it’s highest level because the materials necessary can not be found, especially when working with the first few heroes that can make the game enjoyable.

I now consider quitting this game on a daily basis and one of the few things that’s prevented that is the players I have made friends with. If not for them i would have already quit.


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You do realize that you don’t have to participate, simply empty your team slots and you will be excluded from it. If all of your alliance doesn’t want to participate they can do the same thing. But if it’s just you I would suggest finding a different alliance. One that works better for you. Try not to let it frustrate you after all it’s only a game. Good luck

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No one likes to lose, but you have to get matched against someone…and often they’re going to be better than you. Instead of getting mad about it, work to make your alliance better.