Alliance War Shoutout Thread

To all concerned,

Since the recent updates to alliance war matchmaking, our alliance has been having great fun. Some of the battles have been extremely close, and on one or two occasions, it went right down to the wire.

Just thought I’d pick the brains of our active player community as well as moderators to see how they feel about an Alliance War Shoutout Thread where players can offer their thanks to the opposition, or share videos of their battles.

Such a thread could possibly bring the community closer together as well as expand the community base of this forum. However, I also understand that it could lead to a lot of flaming and trolling, hence my posting this first rather than starting a thread right away.

  • Was there ever a thread for such purposes?
  • Would such a thread be too difficult to moderate?
  • Where would such a thread be found, or where should it be placed?

Apologies if this matter has been raised before, and thank you all for your time and patience.

I would love a place to says hello and thanks to an opponent…
but only if it could be done in a wellmannered way. I don’t want people to fill the forum with verbal abuse…


I guess we’ll wait and see what the moderators have to say. It’s been done before in other games, but can be a nightmare to moderate…

And ■■■■… This was suppose to go to the Active Player’s Lounge for discussion… :blush:

Anyway, guess everyone should have a say on the matter.

Something as Congratulate your Alliance war opponent ? :slight_smile:

That topic is a bit of a hodge-podge. It starts with an idea for an in-game way of saying well done, but then goes on to people doing that to each other anyway.

There’s no problem doing that on the forum, but the forum membership accounts for about 1% of the player base, roughly, so there’s good odds that your opponent won’t see it. Plus there’s a lot of different languages and even alphabets. And, ideally, you’d need to know their forum user name, which is often different to a game name.

So @JMarcus, you are welcome to try, but it’s probably going to be a minority sport.

I know some games have a way of sending opponents messages from a pre-selected list. I think that would be so impersonal as to be meaningless.

Many alliances reference their opponents in the alliance header. I think that’s your best bet for now.


Alliance banner can be used for short messages.

We also had line group chat with a war opponent, sharing videos, was fun.


Unfortunately, like most good intentions on this forum, I think it could quite quickly devolve into a negative commentary.

It’s too bad though. We often give credit to SG (when we’ve had a good matchup) and an exciting war. But really, shouldn’t the credit go to our opponent?

We had a nail-biter this past war, and while we’re disappointed about our loss (through no fault of our own!), it was fun and exciting regardless.

Kudos to our opponent for keeping us on the edge of our seats :grinning:


Thanks for the quick response, Jonah!

Roughly 1% of the player base only… That is very poor for a game that I deem to be well designed, albeit leaning a little too heavily on the RNG side. Guess a large percentage of the F2P/C2P/P2P are from the working class/family community, with a few rich kids who have access to their parents’ credit cards thrown in…:rofl:

Anyway, I guess it’s too much to ask for folks with family and work to hop onto the forums regularly to discuss game mechanics, share ideas and experiences, as well as browse through the numerous threads that provide useful tips and info on this forum. Pity, as it would be a great way to build a stronger E&P community, as well as promote the game. Furthermore, this is probably one of the best gaming forums I’ve visited in all my gaming years. Well moderated, well informed, and hardly any trolls lurking around. Kudos to all the moderators and posters on this forum! (Don’t pat yourselves on the back yet… It still is after all roughly 1% of the player base…:stuck_out_tongue:)

Once again, thank you @JonahTheBard for the quick response, and thanks to all who posted on this thread. I expected it to have vanished as quickly as my cash when attempting 5* pulls but I got the right responses. Wish we could send in-game messages to our opponents before and after AW, but that’s an entirely different matter.

And since I’m here… If anyone from The Might Reborn alliance is reading this, thank you all for a great battle! We were on the edge of our seats waiting for your final push, which to our relief, did not materialise. 50+ flags unused, but I guess real life comes first. Resetting your alliance in the final 10 minutes was pure chance… One of our big hitters arrived late for war and there wasn’t much left for him to hit so we decided to push for our first reset. Gave you guys a fresh board, so now no one can say that Montblanc leaves a mess after a party…:wink:

Cheers all! Happy gaming & Have fun!

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