Alliance War Scoring – Bonus Points for Beating All Teams / Clearing Board / Resetting / Flipping

It is challenging to completely beat another teams 30 person roster. Right now, the reward is everyone respawns. While this opens up more targets, it takes substantial effort to get here. I’d suggest a larger reward for beating a teams entire field of 30. Possibly a bonus 500 points. Even 100 points but I think this may be low. If you can do this, it should be rewarded.

If your team is able to do this then you will likely win the war easily anyways.


No. Not true. It’s actually the opposite. Sometimes it takes a lot of hits on a few teams (at least for a mid ranged alliance). If the other team just waits, some “lighter” targets regenerate and they are able to kill them and score higher points. The current scoring system actually doesn’t encourage going all out in a war.

This week we killed the entire field and won. About 1-2 weeks ago we did the same and lost. It was a painful loss. As the timer wound down, the other team send two final attacks. Clock wound down to zero. We didn’t know what would happen (do you need to finish or just start attack before timer ends). First person scored a zero so we thought attacks wouldn’t count due to timer. Turned out they just had bad luck as second person scores like 50 and the my won the war.

Again, in the real life example above, we cleared the field yet lost the war. We find that our average points per hits goes down when we try to clear the field and think this feat should be rewarded.

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Actually I think the loot that is gained whether winning or not is real crappy. We get more in a raid and titan than Wars itself. I mean 1 Herb 1 Manual and 1 sword for coming in 2nd place…What the!!

Loot could be better but it’s similar to raid chest. If you lose, it’s like titan tier I. But we won the last one and I got a compass (yay) and tow loot tickets (rather blah but SG seems to rank these kind of high). Can’t complain about a compass.

Surprised no comments. Nobody else think this would be nice?

@littleKAF I appended a subtitle to the thread to make it clearer for those searching what specific War Score change this post suggests. I tried to use words/phrasing from your original post to stay true to your intention.

All good. My opinion has changed a bit over time. I’m not sure where I sit anymore. For a growing alliance, it’s a nice feat and you sometimes have to go through a lot of resources (flags) collectively to get it. But as you grow, it happens more frequently. It would change some strategies - less of the waiting for respawns, or maybe not as that might be worth more. I think I may be more on the side of “leave it as is” but it is a little disheartening for a growing alliance who has a hard time hitting this feat. It’s an interesting topic to be sure.

I tend to agree, it happens frequently enough as your alliance progresses and strengthens that it would create some oddities to many Wars.

I resurrected this thread (and updated the title) because it came up in a new thread yesterday that I tagged for merging with this one. :slight_smile:

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Being in an eterogenous ally like I do,means that some members have a very good defence team while other could lack a good set of defensive heroes.
This means that the members with weaker defence team are defeated any time they do spawn while others been never attacked.

While this is a normal strategy and I do have nothing against it, it can be frustrating for the ones who can’t defend themself well.

Then, why not incentivate attacks to all the enemies by giving a certain bonus for defeating ALL the member of an ally? Maybe 300 - 500 range bonus given when all the memebers of an ally are defeated at least once.

This can balance WAR a bit making strong team fight against strong team to achieve the bonus.


I like this idea. In our current war, the opponent has only taken out the weaker teams. The strong teams have not been touched at all. And the opponent just waited for the revive and then continued with this strategy. I think this could solve the problem.

I support this idea. To see which opponent has already been defeated there could be a little skull on his field (multiple skulls for multiple defeats).
In general the alliance war is lacking stats … how many attacks have been performed/attacks left, who has been defeated how often, which teams did the enemy used, etc.

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Maybe have a points reduction for repeated kills of a team. Each time the same team is killed, drop the points received by, for example, 50%, so a second elimination gets 50% points, the third 25%, the fourth 12.5% and so on.
When all the opposing teams have been eliminated one time each, not necessarily all dead at the same time,
just all killed off at least once, reset the score for killing each team back to 100% points again and repeat the process.


Merged (apologies for the time shuffle). :slight_smile:

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Would be awsome in war battle that when an alliance clear the board (kill all enemy teams qnd board get reshuffled) , the alliance who achive it get a bonus pts (like 100pts) for doing it . Also i believe that best attacker have to get smth better than just random chest rewards. Greetings !

@Pellazg Others have thought so too, and there are existing posts for this idea:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic – suggesting above as master with additional post for merging: Alliance war bonus for defeating all the opponents )


Hey guys,

for clearing all enemy teams in alliance wars your alliance earns 1500 points (always the same, not dependent on teams and number of opposing teams, except a small variation due to rounding errors)

If you kill all teams of the enemy alliance then all teams respawn immediately.

Why don’t you give some extra bonus points for that? I think 100 points would be appropriate.

Example: Clearing a field 3 times during a war is common.

Team A clearing the field 3 times…but only 2 respawns

Team B clearing the field 3 times…but with 3 respawns

Both teams would score around 4500 points…very close head to head, the winner having the edge who could score a bit more in the end

From my point of view Team B did the better team performance so I suggest giving some bonus points.

What do you think?

It would be cool if participating members would get an additional battle flag when a team is flipped.

The reset itself is the reward, anything more would just break the game and become unfair for the opposition. :slight_smile:

Unless they flip you too

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