Alliance War: Rotate Tank Color to Prevent One Dominant Meta

Facing 25 Tell tanks week after week is getting really really old!

So…what if…the tank color for Alliance Wars was actually chosen by the game and rotated either every war or every month???

This seems good for SG and good for players and reasonably easy to implement.

  • Players will get rules that will actually encourage diversity and mixing up a dominant GTV meta.
  • SG gets a mechanic that makes players invest in 5 tanks, not one.

Of course, we’ve all invested considerably in ONE defense, but if the rules for AW are the same for everyone than everyone fairs no worse off than they did before the rule went into place. Just like for Tournaments, sometimes you really have a great team composition and some times you don’t but it all averages out over time.

By introducing a rotation, the best alliance will actually be the one with the deepest and most diverse defenses, not just the most GTV+20 frontlines!

I personally think this one change would make for a more engaging Alliance War week after week. We’d actually have blue, green, yellow, and red tanks again!

What do you think? Think SG will ever see this and/or consider it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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